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Woman fired for making obscene gesture at Trump

A federal government contractor has fired an employee for making an obscene gesture at US President Donald Trump's motorcade last month.

A White House press photographer captured Juli Briskman riding a bicycle and raising her middle finger at the presidential limousine as it drove to the Trump National Golf Club outside Washington.

"He was passing by and my blood just started to boil," Briskman told The Huffington Post news website. "I'm thinking 'he's at the damn golf course again.'"

Juli Briskman makes an obscene gesture at Trump's motorcade last month 

It is unclear if Trump saw her. The picture of Briskman letting the president know what she thinks about him immediately appeared in newspapers and social media and on Briskman's own Facebook page.

Although Briskman's face is not seen in the photo, she felt compelled to alert her bosses at Akim, a building firm that does work for the the government.

The company fired her three days later, saying she violated its policy against so-called lewd or obscene social media postings.

Briskman says she has contacted the American Civil Liberties Union. She has not made it clear whether she will fight to get her job back, but said she does not regret her actions and would do it again.


+1 #1 Akot 2017-11-07 14:46
Does the woman have child-niece-nefew...? If a woman (mother) can give such e.g of behaviour, then how on earth will the world raise chidlren in discipiline & respect?

But then again, the world has accpted all kind of behaviours that go even agains nature: so why should any one not feel free to behave with such irresponsibility?

Those who believe in God as origin of our life must ask:

"Would God still be in control if He had allowed satan to do as he pleases in Heaven"?

Acceptance of all sorts of behaviours has brought the world to complete disaray, with everyone imposing what he/she wants of all, as a right.

What happens if a mother let go her child's misbehaviour without saying it's bad & should occur again?

The child will go to the next level of defiance just as homosexuals-prostitutes-drug/tobacco consummers... are doing!
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+3 #2 Lakwena 2017-11-07 17:46
In other words, there are very many Dr. Stella Nyanzi out there, who cannot hold their fire at any pair of buttocks.
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0 #3 Akot 2017-11-07 19:55
There we go, giving red to Akot even when one doesn't have opinion!

How can such behaviour be tolerated by parents who want children to be respectful & respected?

Have we forgotten D.Trump was elected by majority in free & fair election?

So, how can any decent-serious Ugandan encourage USA president who represent majority voters, to be given middle finger in a democratic developed country?

Ugandans must change their reactions towards Akot & instead go after museveni who, by the way, is there as long as Ugandans don't think right & as it is, Akot knows museveni will be there for yet another 31 years, the only difference is that the demon will be owner of Uganda by then & not 1 Ugandan will be allowed to comment, except to praise the demon!

Akot knows without Unity, the outside world will watch in silence!

So, is Akot the enemy of any Ugandan?
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0 #4 Akot 2017-11-07 20:24
Lakwena, understood.

It's vert important to think before acting because once the dress is lifted/middle finger given, we lose sight of the real problem!

See how USA-Europe are upside down with sexual abuse cases & want to punish while not looking in the real cause/reason/circumstance of the resulted cruelty!

Mussevni plays about with his age & Ugandans who want him out are busy debating it, while the dictator goes on & forgotten he has been there for 31 years already!

See how Ugandans' reaction by just working in peace for museveni makes him believe it's his place by right of birth?

Yet, it's also time for museveni to be a real leader, by disloving posts of tribal leaders, more so tribal leaders don't want full responsibilities on their triballands under their authorities!

Who is using who here?
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0 #5 Empayippayi 2017-11-07 20:26
Quoting Lakwena:
In other words, there are very many Dr. Stella Nyanzi out there, who cannot hold their fire at any pair of buttocks.

Most people cannot stand any pair of buttocks which is a pain in the ass!
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