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Bobi Wine: I refused to sing for Museveni regime

Reacting to a police order banning his concerts, Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine yesterday revealed that he was approached by people in government to sing for the regime but he declined.

In a long statement posted on his Facebook wall, the singer said: “I have always been approached by some of these people [in government] with requests that I sing in support of the dictatorship or at least keep quiet.”

“Several offers have been made to turn me into one of their puppets. But I rejected them flat. They told me recently that they will block my shows and frustrate my businesses until I run broke. Too bad for them, they have been made to believe that money is everything. They wrongly think that by stopping my shows they will impoverish me, break my firmness and compromise my values.”

Bobi Wine

Kyagulanyi has had his shows in Mukono, Kasese and Kamuli summarily blocked by police, prompting him to file a court suit against the force saying stopping him from singing was denying him his source of livelihood.

“Singing has been my job for ages from which I derive my livelihood, that of my family and very many of my dependants. My shows are also a source of enjoyment and pleasure to millions of Ugandans,” he said.

The police say when they allowed him to sing at his Busabaala One Love beach, he uttered political statements.

Appearing on NBS TV’s morning programme, Kampala Metropolitan police commander Frank Mwesigwa, said: “Music is not supposed to be partisan. One can’t use music to push their political ambitions.”

But MP Kyagulanyi hit back: “You notice that when some of my colleague artists sing political songs in support of the regime – the real inciting songs because they get most people angry – the police don’t come out to stop them. In fact, they are given police protection! You can perform ‘Tubonga Naawe’ anywhere, any day without restriction.”

Tubonga Naawe was sung by a group of muscians led by Moses Ssali (Bebe Cool) in support of President Museveni’s candidature in the 2016 polls.

“I have said this to them in private and I repeat it in public; I Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine), shall never sell my soul to the devil. I shall never use my voice to sing for a dictatorship that is running our country to hell. I shall never sing to console the enemies of the people,” Bobi Wine wrote.

“I shall always sing for a better Uganda, because friends, this is the only home we have -- whatever is still left of it, we are Ugandans.”



+9 #11 Akot 2017-10-20 20:03
Quoting Phalanch:
...The Nation stands with Honourable Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine The musician, The Politician and all The Honourables that stand with Uganda in this struggle. Together it's our responsibility to save Uganda so She can save and take care of us in the years to come ahead.


31 years still counting is more than enough!
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-4 #12 rubangakene 2017-10-20 21:30
Good on you mate! Let the other "Money Peasants" sing for their supper. Yours has bee sorted out bybirth.
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