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Age limit updates: Kadaga adjourns House

Parliament reconvenes today after it was prematurely adjourned by deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah. Today's plenary is expected to be presided over by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga.

Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi's motion on amending of the age limit is expected to be tabled today much as it is missing on the order paper.

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19:32: House adjourned to 2pm tomorrow. "They think they have numbers, they think they have the army. But we have showed them that we can defeat them with music", said Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. While Aruu county MP Odonga Otto said they are not scared of being suspended from the House. They say they will return tomorrow with new strategy.

19:26: Singing continues. No debate in the House at the moment. Speaker Rebecca Kadaga writing down names of all MPs involved in the endless singing of the anthem. Ruling party MPs can only look on, they seem powerless at the moment. All microphones pulled to the opposition side.

19:18: Chaos back on in the House. MPs now singing the national anthem. Speaker Kadaga calls for order threatening to suspend MPs. MPs continue to defy speaker Kadaga.

19:10: MP Theodore Ssekikubo says their motion was brought in 4 days before the Magyezi motion. Says Hon. Patrick Nsamba's motion calling for a Constitutional Review Commission was filed on September 18 and Magyezi's on September 22. Kadaga says bills take precedence. Ssekikubo reminds her that at this stage they are all still motions. 

19:07: Age limit motion next up for debate. MP Medard Sseggona raises a Point of Procedure that Raphael Magyezi's motion was not the first to be presented and MPs are supposed to be presented with the Order Paper at least 3 hours prior. Kadaga says that the presiding officer then deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah informed MPs that the motions had been filed, so MPs were put on notice.

16:18: MP Ssemujju Nganda moves a motion without notice to suspend consideration of minister Irene Muloni's statement. Says African countries even with all the resources they have, have remained poor countries because they had failed to sort out their internal democracies. Says MPs need to debate oil under an environment without any intimidation because right now security are beating up people allover the country. 

16:00: Minister of Energy and Minerals Irene Muloni briefing the House on the state of oil production in Uganda. 

15:55: Plenary back on. Speaker Kadaga has ordered that plenary resumes after all 'suspected areas' were searched and no gun found. 

15:45: Search for guns on. Parliament security is now searching all MPs including ministers for guns. Speaker Rebecca Kadaga ordered the search.

15:39: We want the gun, MPs chant. Opposition MPs are chanting "we want the gun, we want the gun"

15:30: MPs facing death today. MP Ssemujju Nganda has said that today fellow MP Ronald Kibuule warned him that today he is going to face death. He says parliamentary cameras can prove his allegations. Ssemujju says he is concerned. Kadaga promises to get the evidence and asks MPs to take back their seats. 

Chaos in the House with some MPs seen carrying their shoes in their 

15:14: MPs' safety is not guaranteed says MP Medard Sseggona. The Busiro East MP said they are concerned that there are people who are armed in the House. Chairs flying in the chamber. MPs are particularly concerned with MP Kibuule who they say is armed. He removed his jacket and showed his waistline to prove that he's not. 

Boda boda riders peer into a restaurant to follow today's plenary. Photo: @micoh

15:05: Chaos in the House over armed security personnel. MPs have raised a point of concern over some armed security personnel in the House. A fist fight almost broke out between MPs Allan Ssewanyana and Ronald Kibuule. 

15:00: Don't question powers of the speaker, Kadaga tells Leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza. LOP Winnie Kiiza pointed it to the speaker that as per the last ruling on the matter, it was said that government was to bring an omnibus bill but Kadaga asked if she wants to usurp the powers of the speaker. 

14:45: Kadaga says order paper will be amended. Speaker Rebecca has said the order paper shall be amended to include private members' bills including Raphael Magyezi's motion on age limit and Sam Lyomoki's. 

"For a long time, we have been asking government to bring constitutional amendments in vain. I will now allow members to move for the amendments", she said. 

14:39: Speaker Rebecca Kadaga enters House. She ordered MPs opposed to lifting the age limit to remove their red ribbons. 

MPs opposed to lifting the age limit entering plenary 

13:20: Order Paper amended, age limit motion added? There are conflicting reports that the order paper has been amended and Raphael Magyezi's motion added on.

13:15: Opposition doyen Kizza Besigye, Makerere University Guild President Paul Kato and Democratic Party vice president Mukasa Mbidde all arrested.

13:03: Teargas, canes at Kyambogo University. The earlier arrests of their colleagues did not deter others to join in the protests, as such police is firing teargas and beating up anyone in sight at the university. 

Kyambogo University students in running battles with police

12:54: We are patient says NRM's Ibrahim Abiriga. The Arua municipality MP has said even though MP Raphael Magyezi's motion is not on today's order paper, NRM is patient and will wait until is eventually tabled. On whether he had consulted his constituents, Abiriga said that was sorted by the reelection of President Yoweri Museveni in last year's presidential elections. 

12:20: Makerere University students in running battles with police. At Makerere it has become a game of cat and mouse. When police comes, the students take off and once they leave the students come back. 

Makerere University students are in running battles with the Police
Students of Kyambogo arrested over age limit protests

12:10: MPs defy red ribbon ban. It seemed like a futile attempt right from the go. Police had yesterday intimidated that they would arrest anyone wearing a red ribbon. It seems the message had been passed on to security officers at Parliament who tried to 'confiscate' the red ribbons from some MPs. Inside the House, more MPs were seen donning the red ribbons. 

MPs opposed to lifting of the age limit wearing their red ribbons in the Leader of Opposition's boardroom 

12:00: Teargas and live bullets in Mbarara. 

11:30am: Kabale University, Kyambogo University students join age limit protests. Just like their colleagues at Makerere University in Wandegeya, students of Kabale and Kyambogo universities also joined in the protests, wearing red ribbons on their heads and arms. They also held placards with inscriptions saying "we want to be the leaders of tomorrow".  

Security officers surrounding a student who was arrested at Makerere University 

11:15am: MPs insist on red ribbons. Red ribbons are a symbol to MPs resistance to amending the Constitution to lift the presidential age limits, said Leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza. Whoever wants peaceful transfer of power in this country should associate with the red ribbons. She said the red ribbons are not an opposition matter like people in government are making it seem. 

11:00am: MP Odonga Otto 'overpowers' Parliament security. The Aruu county MP barged into the House, overpowering the police officers manning the entrance who were trying to remove his red ribbons off his head and arm. He ran upstairs only to find even more security officers. "I can even come in a g-string (underwear) like Hon [Evelyn] Anite", he said. I fought my way to here, just cite for me a law which bars MPs from wearing red ribbons?", he said. Without a ready answer, the officers left him to join his other colleagues.  

 10am: No debate today MP Allan Ssewanyana declares. The Makindye West MP, Allan Ssewanyana declared that his colleague Emmanuel Ssempala Kigozi, the MP for Makindye-Ssabagabo had been arrested. "I want to tell Ugandans that Parliament will not sit today because an attack on any one of us is an attack on all of us", he said. 

9:30am: Scuffle at Parliament over red ribbons. After he outsmarted police, Bobi Wine made it to Parliament but he was blocked from entering by Head of security, Annabella Nyiramahoro who insisted that the MP had to take off his red ribbon because it is a symbol of demonstrations. She said demonstrations are not allowed at Parliament. 

MP Bobi Wine blocked from accessing Parliament by Head of security, Annabella Nyiramahoro because he was wearing a red ribbon

9am: MP Robert Kyagulanyi outsmarts police. The Kyadondo East MP also known as Bobi Wine claims he did not sleep at his home in Magere. He says his home was surrounded by police overnight. He slept in Kamwokya but police still got wind of his presence and when they tried to arrest him, police was overwhelmed by the ghetto youths. 

While over seven police officers surrounded his car that was parked at Club Cassablanca, Bobi Wine jumped on a boda boda to Parliament.  

Bobi Wine's car tightly guarded by over seven police officers 

8am: Teargas at Makerere University. As early as 2am, Makerere University students were already up demonstrating against the lifting of the age limit. That was enough invitation for the police to fire teargas and arrest some of the students. 

Police remove logs from the road that had been put by Makerere University students


+2 #11 Akot 2017-09-26 18:09
Observer Media Ltd, thanks, yet,

What strikes me first with pictures above is:

- UN considers Uganda a peaceful country where it can resettle refugees from yonder, yet look at how Ugandans are considered foreigners in their own country by the former asylum seeker called museveni!

The rest of the world being flooded with refugees should wake up before their countries become like Uganda; ruled-controlled-looted by a former asylum seeker who has rights to let UN resettle refugees while ignoring sufferings of the real owners of countries!
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0 #12 Akot 2017-09-26 18:16
Kent Mawa, understood.

This is why Ugandans MUST throw museveni & the entire tribalistic system out because it makes no sense that a people from any tribe is used by the demon to terrorise the others!

Useless Acholi tribal/elite monsters-MPs helping museveni maintain the tribalistic system should hang themselves!

How do Ugndans expect museveni to go when they just help him stay on?
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+3 #13 Mujungu 2017-09-26 19:05
I wonder why this government is so anxious and yet it claims to have all the support?

Why are you turning off the electricity so Ugandans can not follow the age motion and also all the chaos that's ongoing around the country.

Leave the power on and do not mess with our Internet connection.
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+1 #14 Gwok 2017-09-27 00:53
Quoting Mujungu:
I wonder why this government is so anxious and yet it claims to have all the support?

Why are you turning off the electricity so Ugandans can not follow the age motion and also all the chaos that's ongoing around the country.

Leave the power on and do not mess with our Internet connection.

Please do not wonder. They are in a corner and a very tight one.

If they change the constitution to favour M7's continuation, they might as well end up with a war that they cannot win.

If that change fails, they do not have M7 and they too are off the gravy-train.

The game is set. Please let it play on. My fear is the triggery set-up. One stupid gun-shot around Parliament might be enough to spark the draded "it".
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0 #15 Phalanch 2017-09-27 01:22
This is a fight for we stand for and believe in . In middle of all this where are those , these vampires claim that support the removal of this bill?
why are they silent?reanson, rented support....

I am pround of Ugandans they we only hv enough energy to take us to certain level but it's necessary to assmble ourselves with other people who share our vision, other people that can see it for us like The RED HONABLES it will give us a home quoted advantage .Good will prevail.
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