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Bobi Wine wins Kyadondo East by-election with 78% of vote

Kyadondo voters can now officially continue with their early celebrations following the announcement of Robert Kyagulanyi as winner of the Kyadondo East by-election.

The 35-year-old artiste, Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine swept the votes with 77.7 percent win, losing at only two of the 93 polling stations. As was evident from the onset from the provisional results, Kyagulanyi was declared winner by Electoral Commission returning officer, Francis Nkurunziza at about 9.45pm at Kasangati tally centre. 

Bobi Wine supporters show his campaign symbol, the clock

Kyagulanyi got 25,659 votes out of the 32,999 votes cast. National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate, William Sitenda Ssebalu got 4,556 votes.

Forum for Democratic Party candidate, Apollo Kantinti who was the incumbent before he was ejected; came third in the race with 1,832 votes. Nkunyingi Muwada (independent) got 575 votes while Sowedi Male Kayongo (independent) got 377 votes. 311 were declared invalid while 41 were spoilt.

An upbeat Kyagulanyi said he had no words to describe his victory. He also complained that many of his polling agents had been arrested by police and only released after the media started reporting about it.

Earlier, there were reports of ballot stuffing directed at the NRM camp and intimidation by the military police, Kyagulanyi's victory seems to have been accepted by most if not all.

Indeed, former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party and the executive director of Uganda Media Centre and National Resistance Movement's Ofwono Opondo have already taken to social media to congratulate Kyagulanyi in what appears to be a landslide win.

NRM secretary general Kasule Lumumba said the ruling party is ready to work with Kyagulanyi, describing him as a friendly force and a son whom President Museveni does not have a problem with. Lumumba said the Kyadondo East experience has been a lesson to political parties.

Although election materials arrived as early as 5:30am, voting at many of the polling stations did not start until after 7:30am, some after 7:45am.

A heavy downpour that lasted close to two hours, left some people with no choice but to miss voting. The elections ended at 4:00pm and vote counting is currently underway.

Barbie Kyagulanyi with husband Robert Kyagulanyi arrive to cast their ballot

At Watoto primary school polling station, Kantinti got 170 votes followed by Kyagulanyi with 90 votes and Sebalu with 63 votes. Muwada got no vote here.
At Magere, Kyagulanyi got 268 votes followed by Sitenda with 53 and Kantinti with 22. At Kazinga, Kyagulanyi garnered 285 votes beating Sitenda who got 37 votes, Kantinti got 13 while Muwada got two votes.

At Kiti A polling station, Sebalu got 50 votes against Kyagulanyi's 200 votes. Kantinti got 40. At Kitagobwa, Kyagulanyi polled 248 votes followed by Sitenda with 30 and Kantinti with 17 votes
It was another win for Kyagulanyi at Kitezi A polling station where he collected 308 against Sitenda's 8 votes. In Namavundu, Kyagulanyi got 328 votes while Sitenda got 84.

Bobi Wine addressing media about his victory

At Saaza headquarters L-N polling station, Kyagulanyi has 285 votes against Kantinti's 13, Sitenda with 37 and Muwada with only two votes. At polling station A-K, Kyagulanyi has 330 votes followed by Sitenda with 37, Kantinti with 12 and Muwada with six votes. At NAM-Z polling station, Kyagulanyi has 345 votes followed by Sitenda with 38, Kantinti with 14 and Muwada with three votes.

At NAM-NAK polling station, also at Saza headquarters, Kyagulanyi polled 290 votes against Sitenda with 30 and Kantinti with 12 votes.

At Kasangati, Kyagulanyi got 290 votes followed by Sitenda with 30, Kantinti with 12 and Nkunyingi with just one vote. At Kabunza polling station, Kyagulanyi got 197 followed by Sitenda with 52 and Kantinti with 15 votes.
At Kitti B polling station, Sitenda got 250 votes beating Kyagulanyi who got 134 votes. Kantinti managed 96 votes. At Wampewo Primary School, Kyagulanyi got 919 votes followed by Kantinti with 170 votes and Sitenda with 63 votes.
Results for Lusajja primary school polling station show Kyagulanyi leading with 1,045 votes followed by Sitenda with 94 votes and Kantinti with 50 votes.
Sebalu 94.

At Kabubbu 10 polling station, it was a tight race with Sitenda getting 426 votes followed Kantinti with 282 votes and Kyagulanyi with 257. Muwada got 46 votes. At Kayebe, Kyagulanyi got 467 followed by Sitenda with 72, Kantinti with 31 and Muwada with 12 votes.                       
Results for Kyankima polling station show Kyagulanyi in the lead with 345 votes, followed by Kantinti with 14 votes, Sitenda with eight votes and Muwada with three.
Kitegomwa polling station also returned results with Kyagulanyi in the lead with 248 votes, followed by Sitenda with 30 votes and Kantinti with 17. At Kazinga B, Kyagulanyi has 290 votes followed by Sitenda with 30 and Kantinti with 12.

More details to follow....


+1 #1 chrysal 2017-06-29 22:00
Congratulations Bobi ... now hit the ground running you've got a whole lot to do
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0 #2 Gwok 2017-06-30 00:15
The police, by arresting him, made him even more popular. That was tactifully smartly done, Dear Police. Bravo.
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+1 #3 Lysol 2017-06-30 01:58
The anti-establishment is spreading all over the world like wild fire; starting with the Brexit to Trump.

The ordinary people are tired of the same old ways of doing business, where the status quo consolidate power and enrich themselves on the expenses of the poors. Congrats Robert K. Ssentamu!
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0 #4 Okumbe John Peter 2017-06-30 08:37
I believe u HE BOBI u cant change change! Congs
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