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State House to spend Shs 550m daily next year

State House will spend Shs 550 million daily starting July 1, if parliament approves its budget for the 2017/18 financial year, with nearly Shs 13m going to welfare and entertainment alone.

According to the ministerial policy statement signed by the minister for presidency, Esther Mbayo, State House needs a total of Shs 233.228 billion for its different activities in the second year of President Museveni’s latest term of office.

A breakdown of the statement indicates that State House will spend Shs 552m daily on nine activities of the 36 budgeted-for items. These include; travel and transport, miscellaneous and other expenses, general expenses, communications, maintenance, staff allowances and staff training.

Others are supplies and services, welfare and entertainment, special meals and drinks, classified expenditure, travels inland and travels abroad and vehicle maintenance.

The statement indicates that Shs 4.707bn has been budgeted for welfare and entertainment, compared to Shs 4.755bn in the financial year ending June 30 this year. This means the president’s residence will spend Shs 12.898m on welfare and entertainment daily.

The latest State House budget is down by Shs 48m compared to that of the 2016/17 financial year. Mbayo said this is a result of government’s decision to cut all ministerial and government departmental budgets to cater for food procurement for hunger-stricken districts.

State House Entebbe

State House says its entire budget will cater for some 36 items, including staff salaries, classified expenditure, gratuity expenses, supplies and services. If State House knocked entertainment out of its budget for a year, its budgetary allocation of Shs 4,707,826bn would help plug shortfalls in some sectors such as health promotion, education, and effective communication to the population.

A health sector ministerial policy statement indicates a shortfall in the health ministry budget, which requires Shs 5bn annually for scaling up health promotion and education and effective communication to the population.

The ministry of education and sports ministerial statement indicates that the permanent secretary Alex Kakooza earns Shs 3,768,835 per month. The State House daily entertainment budget can, therefore, pay Kakooza’s salary for at least three months.

For the primary teachers at entry level, who earn Shs 250,000, the State House daily entertainment tab could pay four teachers’ salaries for a year.

Summary of how Shs 551.508m  will be spent daily on nine items


Budget in Billions

 (2017/18) (Shs)


expenditure (Shs)


expenditure (Shs)

Vehicle maintenance




Travel in-land




Travel abroad









Special meals & drinks









Staff training




Staff allowances














0 #11 Akot 2017-04-20 17:46
ainembabazi, but,

Ugandans are already letting the regim continue by just going along without Uniting aroung just 1 opposition leader, while providing tax money needed in peace!

I wonder why Museveni has not disolved posts of tribal leaders that serve him no purpose any more!

This would give him control of a real "Republic real country", even when Ugandans hate one another tribally, yet will just go on with the only president they want in peace!

No tribal leader will dare defy the chief tribal leader & everybody will go along in peace in a tribalistically ruled Uganda, right?

So, is Museveni a real man who wants to be a real ruler or not?
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0 #12 Akot 2017-04-20 17:52
jacinta, thanks!

Amaizing; a few days ago, we read about how parts of the country are starving & Uganda government wants the International Community to help feed those without food!

But it's normal for State House to have more than surplus & this goes well with our people who are still quiet & working in peace so that Museveni just goes on!
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0 #13 Akot 2017-04-20 17:59
Quoting r_karry:
Who is ever entertaining state house at 12.89 million everyday?

I suffer working, I pay abnormal taxes, get sexually harassed by my investor who gets tax holidays in the name of just paying people to entertain themselves.

Agreed, yet,

The peace with which tax money comes in means Ugandans are alright with their government & want it to go on!

Did Ugandans not turn backs on Dr Besigye who fought lonely battle against Museveni?

As long as Museveni has Ugandans with him providing tax money in peace with no chance of Unity with just 1 opposition leader, why/how can the dictator leave?
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0 #14 Akot 2017-04-20 18:07
Quoting Zaitun:

A family that has never gone beyond a University level, never won elections but grabbed power by the barrel of the gun is as crude and dangerous as a concentrated hydrochloric and sulphuric acids put together.

And here we go suffering after believing in such a demon who knows very well as a refugee, that he is a foreigner in this this country.


What if all the other tribes that United to scare off Acholi & brought in Museveni Reunite today against him & his family?

Is this too much sacrifice for them because they will be left orphants without Museveni & family?

No tribe is fighting another & there won't be base to fight any from any tribal land, right?

So where is the problem if Ugandans Unite to throw Museveni out?
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0 #15 David Wobusobozi 2017-04-21 11:38
Let's benchmark this against our neighbouring countries.

How does Uganda compare within the East Africa, for example?
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