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Mumbere granted bail but restricted to Kampala, Wakiso

Rwenzururu king Charles Wesley Mumbere has been granted bail. Mumbere was released this afternoon by Jinja High court judge Eva Luswata.

The king was arrested on November 27, 2016 following UPDF-led operations in Rwenzori region that culminated into the attack on his palace.

He applied for bail pointing out that he had a constitutional right to bail. He added that he has substantial sureties who were willing to stand for him and that he has fixed places of abode in Makindye, Kampala and Muyenga Cell, Nyakabingo II in Kasese district.

Principal state attorney Ojok Alex had objected to the bail application arguing that releasing Mumbere would interfere with the progress in investigations. The state also argued that Kasese district is still volatile and that such a move would trigger more attacks from Rwenzururu loyalists.

Charles Wesley Mumbere

But justice Luswata dismissed the fears saying that the state is duty bound to protect its citizens from acts of aggression. She also allayed fears that bailing Mumbere could intensify the volatility of the Rwenzori region adding that his sureties are prominent Ugandans and are enlightened enough to understand their obligation.

Prosecution also told court that the sureties presented by the applicant are not substantial. Ojok submitted that the sureties, being his subjects, couldn’t be relied upon to compel Mumbere to return to court.

The judge however said Mumbere does not have any history of jumping bail and had presented a list of prominent Ugandans as his sureties. These include MPs Winnie Kiiza, William Nzoghu, Harold Muhindo, Robert Centenary and former Rwenzururu prime minister Constantine Bwambale.

Mumbere was ordered to sign a non-cash bond of Shs 100 million. His sureties will also sign a non-cash bond of Shs 100 million each.  His movement is also restricted to the districts of Kampala, Wakiso and Jinja during the period of his trial.

He is also expected to appear in Jinja High court once every month starting February 17. He, together with over 150 royal guards, were subsequently charged, with terrorism, murder, aggravated robbery and attempted murder.


+6 #1 Coleman 2017-01-13 18:36
Uganda is the land of opposites: Now the offended party is the one facing charges and the agents of the murderous regime are walking around scot free...!!!

The King had his subjects massacred by the regime on the orders of Museveni, yet he was the one imprisoned while the mass-murderer who commanded the massacre is being promoted in the army ranks...!!!

Yet Ugandans are busy with their businesses, such a blatant abuse of power could not have been tolerated anywhere in the civilised world...!!
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0 #2 Akot 2017-01-13 19:51
[Kasese district is still volatile and that such a move would trigger more attacks from Rwenzururu loyalists.]

This depends on what Rwenzururu king & his subjects want: Tribal Independent State or stay in the tribalistic system Museveni put in place with tribal leaders being part of Museveni governance!

If Rwenzururu want Independent Tribal State, the king can stand down from post Museveni gave him, then he & his subjects will be Free to decide their next step!

But if the king is fighting for Freedom of his people while being part of Museveni system, then he will be alone & treated as threat to the government to which he is part!

Ugandans gave the country on a silver plateau to Museveni but this conqueror will never let Ugandans threaten his position individually-tribe by tribe or through more than 1 opposition leadership!
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0 #3 Akot 2017-01-13 20:09
[justice Luswata dismissed the fears saying that the state is duty bound to protect its citizens from acts of aggression.]

Rightly stated!
ALL tribal leaders owe their posts to Museveni who is ruling Uganda through tribalistic system & tribal leaders are part of government!

If any tribal leader woke up & wants to be Free & Free his subjects too, he MUST first stand down from his Museveni given post!

Museveni is holding on only because of the tribalistic system he put in place: if 1 tribal leader defits him & gets away with it, then all the others will also want to defy the dictator, thus bring to shambles his government!

Yet, his is a dirty government help in place by Ugandans themselves, which means not even ICC has the right to cause trouble for peaceful Uganda under Museveni, supported by Ugandans in peace with the dictator!
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-2 #4 Akot 2017-01-13 20:27
Yet with this 1 tribal leader case, if Ugandans don't see it, Museveni who wants to rule forever should see: the dictator holds the key to make sure this incidence never happens again: is it not time for Museveni to be a real man-real ruler by disolving posts of tribal leaders that he does not need any more?

We all agree that there must be an end to this anguish, right?

So, given Ugandans do not want to Unite against Museveni but just go along with him in peace, Museveni now can disolve tribal leader post to avoid another tribal leader being locked up in prison far away from his subjects!

But if any tribal leader stands down from post Museveni gave, then declare his tribal land Free & not part of Museveni Uganda any more, then Museveni will not have the right to bring that tribal leader before his justice!
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+1 #5 wadada Rogers 2017-01-13 23:25
Restricting Mumbere the districts of Jinja, Wakiso, and Kampala is the same as jailing him in Jinja because by going through Buikwe and Mukono, he would be in contempt of Court
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0 #6 wadada Rogers 2017-01-15 19:11
Let us not blame this rubbish of the police on Museveni, i dont think he cares what decisions courts take.

He is not the kind of guy who would arm twist the judiciary
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