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Mbabazi finally declares presidential bid

Amama Mbabazi as seen in the video

Below is a transcribed version of Amama Mbabazi's youtube "My declaration" video uploaded earlier today that declared his presidential bid in the 2016 general elections.


My fellow Ugandans; I greet you wherever you are!

It is a great privilege for me to address. I come before you today to tell you that I will be seeking your vote - first within my party - the National Resistance Movement as its flag bearer and later on the whole country for president in the 2016 presidential elections.

The coming election is about the future, about making Uganda work for everyone. It is about reinvigorating our country - making it fit for the 21 century and beyond.

And it is about breathing new life into our system of government - a system that has become weak and inefficient. We need to revive our mission to improve education, health and public services and ensure they are delivered fairly and to high standards. We need to restore our party, the NRM and return to its roots - a genuine accountable and democratic movement.

And we as a country, need to rediscover our democratic principles. 52 years ago we gained our independence and Uganda has since achieved many things;

We've united the country and increased prosperity, attained a greater level of peace and security. Greatly improved the provision of education and won the respect of the international community.

These are all achievements of which are sure the men and women who even before independence envisioned what Uganda would look like as a self-sufficient nation would be proud of. We have too much to be proud of to allow anyone to belittle those gains, yet we still face many challenges.

It is abundantly clear that what Ugandans want now - what you want is not simply change in leadership but change of systems. A change in order. The kind of change that will not only strengthen the gains of the last 52 years but enable the nation to rise above to where it is today.

To bring about this change, I believe we must focus on eight critical things.

[1] Reviving Uganda's democracy and institutions.

[2] Transforming the economy and attracting heavy local and foreign investments.

[3] Promoting equitable development where all communities and all regions of Uganda equally benefit from the decisions made by the government.

[4] Reviving, providing jobs that are fit for the 21st century.

[5] Ensuring a greater level of accountability on the part of the leaders and making a stronger effort at fighting corruption at all levels.

[6] Reinforcing observance of and respect for the rule of law while ensuring security for all

[7] Providing good quality healthcare

[8] Enhancing the quality of education and addressing the skills gap.


43 years ago as a youth and later on as a young idealistic lawyer with a hunger for justice, I joined the struggle against the destructive forces that were threatening to derail the self-governing hopes and dreams of our new democracy. That hunger still remains.

As most of you know, I have dedicated my many years to serving the people of Uganda. My loyalty is absolute. It is the people and constitution of Uganda. 

It is to the founding principles of the National Resistance Movement and the values for which I fought as a young man and for which many lost their property, liberty and even their lives.

This is the most important election in a generation. As a people we must choose between achieving success and true prosperity in the new global economy or nursing a tired nation - yesterday's story.

You will be making a choice for your families, for your children and the generations to come. In the coming days, you will hear and read in greater detail more about my plans for Uganda's future.

The future is not secured by what we do tomorrow. It is entirely determined by decisions we make today. You hold Uganda's future in your hands. So I want to urge you to take the first step by choosing a fairer society and a democratic future.

A new age is upon us and upon this our focus must rest. Yesterday is gone and today's challenges must have newer, better answers.

Uganda can work, together let's make it work!

Until he was sacked as prime minister in September last year and NRM secretary general later in December, Mbabazi drew most of his political clout from having Museveni’s ear and support.

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