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Museveni ignores Budaka MPs pleas

MPs from Budaka district have challenged President Museveni to fulfill his election campaign pledges.

Museveni has promised, in three campaigns, to construct Kamonkoli - Pallisa and Tirinyi – Pallisa roads, which connect Budaka, Kibuku and Pallisa districts. But he has not delivered, as he has failed to elevate Budaka health centre IV to a district hospital, as promised.

MPs Jeremiah Twatwa (Ikiiki) and Sarah Kataike Ndoboli, (Budaka woman) expressed their displeasure to the president at a public rally in Budaka recently, urging him to pressurise the concerned ministries to act. Museveni, who was breaking the ground for a cement factory in Mugiti sub- county in Budaka, did not respond, only telling the gathering that he had repaid their support by appointing Kataike as minister of state for health.

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