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Star trail: Golola cursed?

Home fans turned against their man, kickboxer Moses Golola, at a time when he needed them most.

Golola’s crime was disappointing fans by allowing Zoltan Poczo to pound him with blows like he had stolen a mobile phone. This happened on Sunday at Nateete shopping centre.

Fans were heard cursing Golola who was later controversially declared winner. His fans, who were previously chanting his name, crossed sides and started singing Poczo’s praises, and even raised his hand as the winner objecting to the umpire’s choice of Golola.

Many were heard swearing never to return to watch any Golola fight. The only consolation was the comedians and singers who spiced up the evening.

Gloria Wavah leaves mark at Kakira polo

During the polo tournament over the weekend in Kakira, Jinja, Spear Motors, the Mercedes Benz franchise owner in Uganda, were part of the sponsors.

And Gloria Wavamunno and her sister, both daughters to Spear Motors proprietor Gordon Wavamunno, arrived at the venue in style.

Both were looking all fine with fashion designer Gloria wearing a high-slit dress and statement sunglasses.

Photographers gathered to take pictures of them posing next to one of the Benzes on display.

One of the polo players joined the camera moment and he joked: “Hopefully I can get one of these.”

Gloria assured him how even she cannot get a free one. Really? Daddyyyy?

Musicians join First Lady

First Lady Janet Museveni together with Afrigo band’s Joanita Kawalya will on Friday November 22 launch the Elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission project.

Together with other popular musicians – Sam and Sophie Gombya, Coco Finger, Rude Boy Devo, and Mesach Ssemakula – they are working on a grassroots project to sensitise and promote free HIV testing and counselling services to Ugandans, especially expectant parents.

Currently, Joanita, Rema Namakula, GNL Zamba, the Gombyas and Gloria Nambi are working on a song with producer Jose Mayanja at Grayce records in Kanyanya to take the sensitisation further.

The artists supported by Janet Museveni plan to put in place the arts self-coordinating entity that is intended to make grassroots inroads using music and drama.

Club Venom brings sushi party

Ugandans will never cease to amuse; they will not allow any trendy festivity to leave them behind, even when it is totally irrelevant for a Ugandan setting.

See how they brought Halloween and St Patrick’s celebrations. This time round the innovators have decided to introduce the world-famous sushi parties to Ugandans.

This Boxing Day, party-goers will be eating sushi off bodies of models clad in bikinis at Club Venom. Never mind that sushi according to Wikipedia – who else – is a Japanese delicacy consisting of cooked, vinegared rice combined with other ingredients usually raw fish or other seafood.

This will be the first event of its kind. The sushi-themed party is organised by Katumba Shaffic aka Katsha, based in South Africa.

Nina leaves UBL

Rumours first flew about that Nina Bakojja had left her husband Hilary, and now Star Trail hears she has also quit Uganda Breweries (UBL) where she has been a brand manager.

Mbu – according to unreliable sources – Nina could no longer concentrate on her job following the breakdown of her marriage, and it is believed that she has also left the country to find peace and relaxation.

Girl power convention to tickle men

Pastor Jessica Kayanja’s Girl Power convention is back and will be on December 20 with a dress code of corporate neon. This year women will speak about the men of their dreams.

With the theme Let’s Hear It From The Men, the annual event will host the male equivalent of a ssenga where discussion will include eligible bachelors, men who have been married for more than 10 years and those married to very successful women.

It is on this day that Pastor Robert Kayanja’s wife will also launch her 11th book, The Lady of His Dreams, about men’s expectations in a relationship.
Best-dressed participants will win tickets to Dubai and Mombasa.

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