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Cure for almost all diseases unveiled

Many people these days are dying of lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, high-blood pressure, stroke etc, yet there is a simple, natural cure for all these diseases, discovered in 1818 by French chemist, Louis-Jacques Thenard. Unfortunately, it has all along been secretly suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry and its agents in the medical establishment because of it being natural, as by international law, they are not allowed to deal in natural products. That miracle cure is hydrogen peroxide.

This is a simple compound, (H2O2) produced by every healthy cell in your body and is used as the first line of defence in the fight against diseases. It cures by super-oxygenating the body tissues and by producing hydroxyl-free radicals that destroy all the parasites, unhealthy cells including the cancer cells, fungi, harmful bacteria and all the viruses, including the dreaded HIV. One gets attacked by disease, when, for various reasons, H2O2 production in the body falls below the normal level.

Unsung hero in good health

Hydrogen peroxide also cures the non-infectious diseases such as diabetes, high-blood pressure, stroke and heart diseases through carrying out many other therapeutic functions. For example, it:

a)Triggers a cascade of complex immunological reactions within the body that go much further to promote overall health and healing.
b)Has an extraordinary capacity to stimulate numerous enzymes, which enhances many fundamental cellular processes, and increases the body’s ability to perform a myriad of functions.

(c)Stimulates the production of white blood cells.
(d)Increases the release of oxygen from red blood cells, thus increasing the delivery of oxygen to the bodily tissues.

(e)Increases the flexibility of red blood cell membranes.
(f)Increases the production of interferon and tumour necrosis factor, which the body uses to fight infections and cancers.

(g)Increases the efficiency of the antioxidant enzyme systems which neutralize excess free radicals in the body.
(h)Accelerates the citric acid cycle, the main process for the liberation of energy from sugars, fats and proteins.

(i)Oxidizes and degrades petrochemicals; and,
(j) Inhibits growth of cancer tumours (antineoplastic).

All these processes render the body totally free of disease, setting the stage for attainment of a healthy and vibrant body. Hydrogen peroxide is probably the most important component of the immune system. But for various reasons, when its production in the body declines, then the body becomes prone to attack by diseases. All sick people have a deficit of this unique disease fighter.

How nature provides it

Hydrogen peroxide is actually widely produced in nature. In the human body, it is mostly produced in the liver and kidneys for a host of different purposes. It is also produced abundantly in the mother’s first milk (colostrum) to immunize the baby against diseases; and that is why the mother must ensure that the baby suckles the first milk.

In plants, it is mainly produced in fresh fruits and vegetables and that is one reason you are always told to eat fruits and vegetables in large quantities, to bolster your immune system. Elsewhere, it is available in rainwater, snow and spring water, (but in minute quantities), just to cleanse the earth and stop it from becoming putrid by bacterial decomposition of organic matter.

Unfortunately, all this information is carefully concealed by the pharmaceutical industry and its agents so that you do not learn of the great importance of it and use it to cure diseases; and chances are that your doctor does not even know anything about it.

However, now you should thank God that you and your doctor at last have been made to know about the therapeutic, wonder-working power of hydrogen peroxide; and should not hesitate to look for it and use it for general good health upkeep or for curing any disease that may be bothering you. But where will you get it from?

Hydrogen peroxide can now be produced easily in a laboratory and be availed to sick people to raise its level in the body and kick out any disease affecting the sick person. While everyone will rejoice to learn of this great natural cure, some overly sceptical medical doctors and the pharmaceutical industry will immediately rise up in arms to vehemently trash the cure and viciously condemn the writer, just to protect their multi-billion dollar drug market.

And for the doubting Thomases of this world, they will also, totally ignorant of the science of the action of hydrogen peroxide, trash it as heresy. Why not get the real facts first?An authentic reference has been given below, with so many peer-reviewed scientific research papers quoted therein, all at attesting to the wonder-working therapeutic powers of hydrogen peroxide. Read it. Do not just criticize and condemn out of ignorance.

For the chronically doubting Thomases and the medical doctors with a fixed mindset, who do not want to accept the solid facts about the unique curative powers of hydrogen peroxide, the world has to leave them behind.

Said Dr Max Plank, the originator of the Quantum Theory (1858 – 1947), “Science progresses not because scientists change their minds but, rather, because those scientists attached to erroneous views die and are replaced”.

The Almighty God, in His infinite wisdom, must have known that humans would suffer all kinds of diseases after the fall of Adam and Eve and made a cure for us, which unfortunately has been suppressed and hidden by some selfish people. But now it has been unveiled to you. So, why don’t you take advantage of it?

Could it be the long-awaited answer?

Please do not accept to die of cancer, diabetes, stroke, high-blood pressure, hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria, HIV/Aids or any other non-genetic disease when a Divine-made, cure-all remedy is available. Ignore the exploiters who want to hook you on ineffective and harmful drugs until you breathe your last.

For those who can, please get hydrogen peroxide and just take three drops of it in a glass of water every day, to boost your body’s production of the peroxide and kick out disease forever! Don’t you want to be healthy all the time?

For more information about how to obtain the pure, food-grade hydrogen peroxide, contact the writer on abmbabazi@gmail.com or 0779 587457, 0752 825737. And for more information on the unique therapeutic powers of hydrogen peroxide, please visit this website: www.foodgrade-hydrogenperoxide.com by James Paul Roguski.

And any institution, organized group of persons or any individual person who may be interested in getting a full lecture to understand better about how hydrogen peroxide cures nearly all the diseases, they can invite the writer using the email address or telephone numbers availed.

WARNING: Do not, repeat: do not attempt to use pharmacy-grade or any kind of hydrogen peroxide you find. It can harm you. The only one to use for therapeutic or preventive purposes must be the pure hydrogen peroxide, also called food-grade hydrogen peroxide. Even then, it must be of 35% or less concentration, and one must very carefully and strictly follow prescribed instructions. So, take care!

Dr Mbabazi, MSc (Public Health) London; PGD (Public Health) LSHTM/London, is a Naturopathy consultant.

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