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Bobi Wine hits Bebe Cool; Chameleone curses Weasel

Top singers punch through Ekitoobero
The rivalry among top local artistes started and sealed CBS’s Ekitoobero on Sunday, as new offensives were launched on and off stage. Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine and Radio &Weasel split hairs among themselves; from a war of words, to the one we thought they had outgrown: punches. The immaturity among these old and new guards in the music industry continued to rear its ugly head. “There are little musicians who are talking about Zuena,” said Bebe Cool on stage. “She [Zuena] hasn’t come back, I must say. But when she returns, expect a big tune that will silence those haters. And I must say, it’s only Bebe Cool and Chameleone who are big, no one else,” he added.

Bebe Cool’s remarks clearly tickled the Fire Base Crew boss for upon his exit from the stage, Bobi Wine punched him. Then hell broke loose. The chaos escalated into the CBS camp, as presenters took sides – they also fought – but the stampede was kept out of the revellers’ view. Organisers quickly called Hajjat Sophie Nantongo to take over Bobi Wine’s slot, who was slated to perform immediately after Bebe Cool.CBS Programmes Director, Abby Mukiibi, called the fights “a disgrace”. “It’s a sign that our industry is headed for disaster,” he said.

“If musicians – especially big musicians – can fight in public, then something is still wrong with our artistes.”It seems Bobi Wine had turned up in combative mood. A sticker on his Fire Base mini-bus read: “200% bad news”. “I’m the president, my new song Caroline is about Zuena. I find her these days in Jinja. She was deceived by a certain Munene [Bebe Cool], got pregnant, dropped out of school, and found herself in a rented apartment in Ntinda,” Bobi Wine said.

But the war of words had started earlier in the day with new singing sensation, Mowzey Radio & Weasel, hitting at their former boss (and Weasel’s big brother) Chameleone – and of course Bebe Cool. “Nyambura [Chameleone] you accused us of being Judas. You are Sitani,” Weasel said, in obvious reference to their hit songs (Nyambura and Sitani) and Chameleone’s Bayuda.
And when they sampled their latest lyrics Bread and Butter, again Radio drove the point home: “I have enough fuel to transport me from Jinja [Zuena’s home] to Ntinda [Bebe Cool’s place].”
However, these guys are wise. They did not hang around long enough for the punches to land after their performance. Chameleone also had his chance to hit back. “I went to Goodlyfe and Weasel [did not help me] with all my problems. He told me to take away my lame legs. They called me Satan. I’m now left with my fans. I’m tired of Bayuda (betrayers),” he said.

The Ekitoobero was what one would call good milk that couldn’t be spoilt by just one crystal of salt – fights among musicians. By the time it clocked 7p.m., Nakivubo Stadium was full. It is estimated that more than 30,000 fans graced the event. From pre-teens to chaps of more than 60 years, people from all walks of life, but mainly from Buganda, gathered to enjoy live local music. And Ekitoobero had two parts; older revellers dancing to Afrigo Band and Annet Nandujja, who danced calypso to a drum beat; as well as the young and energetic who waited for the likes of Chameleone to quench their thirst. No wonder, its CBS organisers dubbed this Ekitoobero—Ontanudde, loosely meaning being excited beyond limits.
The first Ekitoobero was organised in 1997.

The chief guest, Prince David Wassajja, cut the cake to mark CBS’ 13th anniversary as revellers screamed: “more music”. It was all about singing, dancing and winning prizes until you get exhausted.
Almost all local musicians were here; from the well-toned Obsessions, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine, to Radio &Weasel, Iryn Namubiru, Jose Chameleone, Dr. Hilderman and Annet Nandujja.
Afrigo Band, Eagles Production, Hajjat Sophie Nantongo, Abdul Mulasi and Mad Tiger were also present.
As if the singing and dancing wasn’t enough, CBS presenters added more fun when they unleashed comedy in form of a “fashion show”.

This impressive move saw the likes of Abby Mukiibi, Abu Kawenja, Kasodde and others dress like women, and do the catwalk. Imagine Abby Mukiibi in a dress!
What about Billy Katumba, a.k.a Kasodde, in peddle jeans –showing off his rough and hairy legs! It couldn’t get any funnier.


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