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GOtv turns on Mbarara

There’s always something to write home about in upcountry events; you will either run into a top socialite wearing the outfit ordered from some Iraqi designer, an emcee with some strange accent, or weird dance strokes.

And Mbarara did not disappoint in those areas when I was invited to attend the Western Uganda GOtv launch party at Lake View hotel. For starters, I must appreciate the fact that this hotel is actually magnificent even when its location does not give residents a lake view as the name suggests – unless one has really powerful binoculars. In fact the only view the eye can catch freely is of some cleared papyrus swamp.

GOtv chose to support local talent and hired the services of Mbarara-based band 12 Keys as the main entertainers of the night. They mostly did renditions of gospel songs even as the event was clearly an open bar beer fest of sorts.

Then the emcee of the night, Jimmy Pounds of TV and Radio West, took over. His English was mostly spot on when he was not punctuating it with the word munonga, but I must admit he lost me when he asked us to help ourselves to drinks because “it’s very paramount”.

Sister Charity, she of the 2004 hit song Embuzi, bounced back to perform that song and a couple of others many of us in Kampala have never heard of. But the crowd sang along to the songs she performed.

Comedian Mendo did his usual Museveni gig, before leaving the stage for homeboy Allan Ampaire aka Tonix.

He has some Kanye West-like following down there. He started his performance with acoustic renditions of his Ye Nze and NigyendaYoona before sending the crowd into a frenzy with Regular, Tugende Tukyekole, Swag Metre and Mbarara’s clear favourite, Itaano, which got many feet stumping.

There were also raffle draws where lucky winners got GOtv decoders from MulitChoice Uganda.


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