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Few things harder than waiting on

I was having a conversation with some of the young women in my church, one of them married and the rest single and rather desperately searching.

They had one thing in common: spiritual fatigue. They were tired of waiting on the Lord. Waiting for that spouse. Waiting for that ‘big hit’ financially. Waiting for children...

One of them disclosed, she was ‘this’ close to going back to the bar scene she quit when she gave her life to Jesus Christ, while another said the loneliness she feels is not sustainable, anymore. They were looking at me for answers, and frankly I had none, apart from sharing my own experiences with waiting on God.

I have learnt that God has times and seasons for everything and for everyone, and His timing is impeccable. What happens, however, is that He also lets us exercise our will, because God gave that to us freely. Basically, what you do between God’s timing and seasons, is totally up to you and how strong or weak your will is.

Some people exercise their faith even between seasons to start businesses, build friendships, networks...and God respects those things. But when His actual season and timing dawns, it is so spectacular, you cannot mistake it for one of your gambles.

I shared with the young women as much; plus, we are accountable and have to take responsibility for whatever we choose to do during the ‘wait’ or ‘between-seasons’, so it has to all be approached with wisdom and prayer.

I asked the one who was feeling lonely why she was waiting for marriage to have fun. Can’t you go out and do things you love on your own or with your friends or siblings?

She had not considered that, and it is a fact that many people waiting on God for marriage have paused so many things in their social lives, to be continued when the sweetheart comes. What if s/he never comes? What if s/he comes at a time when you can no longer do certain things comfortably?

If it is not breaking any laws of the land and it is not sinning against God, go for it. See new places, experiment with fashion, make new friends, adopt a child, go watch a movie, go to that Hillsong concert, start a charity or business, launch into ministry...

Waiting on God is one of the hardest parts of salvation, because you cannot just sit and wait between God’s seasons. There is so much that can take up your time in between God’s seasons, but if you are not careful, it is also during this exercising of our wills that some of us have made the worst mistakes of our lives.

Then God’s season finally dawns, but finds you broken, bitter, back to a worldly square one, or even dead!


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