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Damn you, beautiful Esabelle Gourment!

Your first physical interaction with Esabelle Gourmet Popcorn will most likely be their Thank you! card, telling you that your order has made them smile and they are thanking you for supporting their small business and, in return, they bring crunchy popcorn.

Deep and impactful! And if that does not romance you enough, then surely their sexy purple airtight popcorn packs will or at least their not-so-ordinary popcorn. Talk of making ordinary things extraordinary. It is popcorn we are talking about here, but theirs has different flavours. It is glazed with cheese, caramel, strawberry, butter, chocolate or pina colada flavours.

From Salt N Vinegar, Sour cream and chives – which is the closest to normal ordinary popcorn to the Snickerdoodle where you get to taste the sugary notes of caramel and cinnamon or the fluffy caramel or pina colada, they give you exactly what they advertise.

In fact, for some, the flavouring is a bit too much. Although the packs appear small, you will hardly finish one; luckily, you can keep it airtight and fresh for later. The minimum order amount they accept is Shs 15,000.

So, you will be forced to buy more than one flavour. Unfair on the diner’s side that you get to buy more popcorn than you actually need but, on the other hand, you get to explore their other flavours.

The least priced flavour is Salt N Vinegar at Shs 4,000 while the most priced is Cheddar cheese priced at Shs 9,000. With a standard delivery fee of Shs 4,900, be assured that you will spend at least Shs 20,000 on popcorn.

It is a whole different taste experience with their popcorn even if you have been used to spicing yours with Aromat. My best pick was the pina colada. It was less crunchy and more fluffy with the coconut notes hitting the taste buds first and the pineapple sweet flavours completing the blend at the end of the chewing.

Just a little less sugar and it would be a perfect 10 out of 10!


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