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Freelance showing in cinema this week...

Freelance is an action comedy in which Mason Pettis (John Cena) leaves his dead-end desk job to take on a freelance gig.

The ex-special forces operative must protect Claire Wellington, a washed-up journalist hoping to interview Juan Venegas, a ruthless dictator.

Things take a nasty turn when a military coup occurs, forcing Mason, Claire, and Juan to escape into the jungle. Brian Tallerico from rogerebert.com used the words ‘Oppressive Nothingness’ to describe this film.

Angie Han from the Hollywood Reporter called the movie an ‘Enervating Bore.’ This explains the zero percent rating the film has secured on Rotten Tomatoes after 23 reviews. The audience score sits at 78 percent after 50 verified ratings.

Pierre Morel, the director, is also responsible for Liam Neeson’s first Taken film. You can watch Freelance in cinemas today.


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