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It is the small things...

A bomb expert diffusing the bomb

A bomb expert diffusing the bomb

When I heard on the news that a homemade bomb had been discovered at Miracle Centre cathedral, but no one was hurt because it was successfully removed and detonated by the police, I wondered how grateful to God the pastor and everyone there must be feeling!

It is those cases where we are oblivious to how close we came to disaster, but God’s grace sufficed, that are the most moving for me. For example, last week I took my car for wheel balancing, because it had felt off for about three months – which is the last time I had checked my tyres’ pressure.

When it came to one of the front tyres, I was shocked that the last person who fixed a puncture had not balanced the air afterwards and had left it at 68! How I drove on Kampala’s pothole-riddled roads without a tyre-burst, is something only God can explain; moreover, many times I am in that car with my family, cruising the Entebbe Expressway and Northern bypass. God is awesome.

Don’t whine about the small things not going your way currently; you have no idea how close you may have come to total disaster, had it not been for God. I recall the rainy day in Namungoona just past the Orthodox cathedral, when I used the then murram road to dodge heavy traffic on the main road, at 8pm.

Because the road was very slippery with deep gullies, I could not drive at more than 15km/hr and before I knew what was happening, a boda boda had drawn up beside me and the passenger had jumped off and put me at gunpoint, ordering me to scoot over into the passenger seat.

As if I had developed a third foot, even as the rest of me froze in fear, that mysterious foot found the accelerator pedal and pushed down hard. I can never forget how fast I flew through those potholes to the main road, all the while expecting a bullet to go through the back of my head! It did not.

There is so much to be grateful for, as opposed to what we grumble to God about. As long as you have breath in your body, you have a chance to try again another day. Those who don’t make it out of the day alive cannot say the same for themselves; so, give thanks in all things.


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