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Mesach Semakula returns in concert this weekend

Mesach Semakula

Mesach Semakula

Mesach Semakula is one of the enduring names in the entertainment industry, a darling of the female fans, especially. This Friday at Kampala Serena hotel, he will be holding his first concert in several years.

What is unique about ‘Mesach Ssemakula at 46’?

That’s the trick; everyone is asking why 46 years. So, let anyone who wants to know why 46 years come to Kampala Serena hotel on May 19.

What should fans expect?

I am more than ready; we are waiting for the day to give fans a great show.

The industry has changed a lot compared to your days...

The world has grown and we should accept change and catch up with it. I think the change is part of growth and there is no problem with that.

What kind of music do you do?

We don’t have any genre as a band, [but] I do Afro-pop.

What is the most important song of your career, and why?

The most important song is Tukwegomba Bangi, which was released in 2003; that was my breakthrough. Up to now, it is my favourite song, though I have done more hit songs.

For the younger generation, what was Tukwegomba Bangi about?

It is a love song. I was vibing someone and you know, when we are doing our music sometimes we are inspired by real stories and sometimes we do imaginations where you put yourself in a situation and imagine. So, basically I was vibing someone and I used those words and the fans loved the words.

How is your relationship with the original Eagles Production?

I don’t have any problem with them. We are brothers and they will be around for the show; they have even done drops for me for the show. What people have to learn is how to agree or disagree on certain things. We are not beefing. They are my brothers, my real friends and I can’t get new friends now; those are my real friends because they understand me.

Was music always your dream?

In school I used to like music but I didn’t do anything attached to music; I wanted to be a footballer and a boxer, and the first time I tried I was beaten.

When it comes to academics, I wanted to be a lawyer but when I joined music, all thing changed because I dropped out to focus on music. We started earning some money...

Did you ever dream of making it this big?

I just started; I didn’t know where I was going but I was inspired by people like the late Philly Lutaaya, Jimmy Katumba and Moses Matovu, among others. I was dreaming of being like them one day and I didn’t know it would be a dream come true.

You seem religious and God-fearing. Do you have a church background?

Yes, I am a believer and we had a church in our village. I am Anglican and I know God is there and yes, I believe.

What was your life growing up like?

I am a proud Muganda, a married man. I was born to the late Fredrick Ssewalu and Mariam Nalubega, who also passed on earlier this year in February. I attended Kira primary school and later joined Kampala SS for O-level and Kololo High School for A-level.

Any latest projects?

Yes, I have some songs like Bestie. I am no longer much into being on pressure to release music. I think I have done enough and now I just release according to the mood I’m in, or I will just be in the system to inspire the young generation, because we are the pillars of the industry.

Last words?

Young people should be hardworking, because everything that I have to my name I worked hard for it. So, let them make use of every opportunity they get and better themselves.

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