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Make a list of those blessings

Whatever it is you ever asked God for, when He delivers, please don’t forget that it was once a prayer point.

Don’t beg Him to give you that marriage, then spend all your days in that marriage behaving as single as they come. Or the young woman I know, who prayed for a job for more than two years and came back to jubilantly testify that her prayer had been answered.

Less than six months on the job and she was complaining from the top floor to the basement and back, about...everything. She was even constantly devising means of absconding from duty by coming up with white lies.

I had to remind her that her job was an answered prayer; “could you at least show some gratitude and respect?”

You cannot ask God to give you children and then go ahead to physically and emotionally abuse those children, and whenever there is a fees hike at school, you curse the day you had them.

I hear, “If we could swallow children, I would have swallowed mine.”

Just because of a bad economy? Come on; stop watering down the numerous things God has done for you by grumbling about them and focusing on what He has not yet done. And even when things go wrong, do not let the two things not going according to plan erode the thousands of ways God has been good to you.

I often list down every good thing/miracle God has ever done for me, and in those times when the devil is playing havoc with my mind and faith, I pull out the list and wave it at him like an ace.

Even the Bible says in Revelation 12:11: “They conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony...”

If you have a hard time remembering how good God has been to you, then maybe you need the list. You will be shocked by the magnitude of some of the trenches God has pulled you out of before.

And even the current situation you are possibly crying about and grumbling over, it was most likely an answered prayer at one point, if you look closely. So, use that discovery/information, the way you want...


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