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Imara hotel restaurant: Simplicity with touch of class

There was a recent social media debate about one of the latest apartments in Kampala that oozed class - “These are certainly not owned by the usual thieves; class is one thing they certainly lack,” said one commentator.

The same could be said of Imara hotel restaurant in Kyengera Mugongo, off Masaka road - classy, artistic, and professional. It might be some 13km away from Kampala, but they sure know how to treat and treasure a customer.

They are so detailed that they ask a diner what foods they are allergic to once you place an order. For residents, breakfast is pre-ordered a night before and it might be the usual foods of chapati and eggs but the presentation makes it appear classy.

Even the fruits are placed on the plate with purpose. How sad that the fruits were cut with the same knife that had been used to chop raw onions, hence giving off a not-so-palatable smell of the pineapples and juicy oranges.

Anyway, back to the good. The soft but slightly crusty chapatti comes with a Thai-style crispy omelette (though not as fluffy) on the side.

The pineapples were also expertly cut into wide triangular shapes and placed in descending order. It is just amazing how a little attention to detail and a strive to be better can turn everything around.


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