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Take a bow, Masha Foods

With their signature entire-floor takeover of the buildings wherever they are located, Masha Foods offer a unique, private chilling and dining atmosphere.

Talk of winning a diner over by first impressions; Masha Foods will win you over with the friendliest customer care. I have been to Masha Foods in Kireka before, but the one in Bugolobi is by far their best.

You get ushered into the spotlessly clean, ambient and well-lit sitting area. The ushers hand you over to a waitress who will then take your order.

The dining tables are fixed to the floor and are not adjustable but every sitting cubicle is separated by half-human-height gypsum-leathered boards and as such diners enjoy a private experience.

The window into the kitchen offers a sneak peek into the chefs at work. If the ambience did not win you over, then surely the perfectly garnished and well-plated foods served in huge portions will.

What could possibly be so special about cowpeas and matooke to be priced at Shs 20,000? Everything. These fall under the vegetable curry section for vegetarian diners.

They will present the matooke fingers that have a natural earthy taste, topped with fresh juicy tomato gravy while the peas are cooked with half-cooked Irish potato pellets in what looks like milk at first glance with a bland but OK taste.

Curries are served with two food choices, so, I opted for chapati with matooke. A great choice there as the chapati were soft, with a rich taste that melts in the mouth.

On the side, are vegetable salads and the truest Ugandan avocado slices - fresh, sweet and melting. The orange juice did not taste as natural as the food; but who cares?

The dining was so fine that a tip was inevitable. But the way, that I was chased downstairs for my ‘forgotten’ balance was even more impressive.


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