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How do you treat subordinates?

It is a truly proud week for me, after I heard a great testimony at the weekend.

My pastor’s wife, Juliet Mukulu is a stickler for hard work and never misses an opportunity to emphasize the need for Christians to serve God but also earn an honest living away from what they do for God in church. One young woman, after ‘pounding the pavements’ for a job in Kampala in vain, had spent more than four years unemployed.

“I heard pastor’s wife repeatedly say, ‘do not despise any job; just do it diligently’. And she would repeat that almost every week, so I took it to heart,” the young lady shared at church over the weekend.

When she was alerted about a job’s availability at a reputable microfinance organization with branches all over Uganda, she went to try her luck, but the only available opening was that of an ‘office assistant’, earning about $100 a month.

Tired of sitting at home and begging even for basics, she took the job offer. Soon she realized that what she had signed up for was really a cleaner’s job! With her Makerere University degree.

For close to two years, she has been waking up early to scrub the offices and toilets, run errands for the bosses and generally be an obedient ‘tea girl’ under a nasty, abusive supervisor. Then last month the same organization advertised vacancies for different posts that this cleaner qualified for, and she applied.

On Sunday she testified that she got the well-paying job, putting an end to her relationship with scrubbing brushes, toilet disinfectants and squeezers; you should have heard the screams and chants in church!

First of all, no one in church apart from close family knew what she did exactly for a job, so when she disclosed it, the shock in the congregation was obvious. I thought about that nasty supervisor; how do you eat humble pie after treating someone so rudely and unjustly for so long, to start relating to them as an equal, if not even superior employee?

Well, let us treat people well; God is no respecter of persons. No one knows what tomorrow holds for the people you may be trampling upon today. To God be the glory, for what He has done for that young woman.


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