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The secret for V Fresh Fish is in the onions

V Fresh Fish kiosk along the Ntinda-Kisaasi road, run by some two young men, is turning out to be the go-to place for deep-fried fish, especially tilapia.

Without any branding except their blue gowns, one can easily miss the kiosk at the intersection coming from Watoto Church Ntinda and another intersection joining the Ntinda-Kigowa road.

They may not be as good with the Nile perch deep fry, but boy, have they mastered caramelising the tilapia deep fry! So flavourful and tasty.

Amazingly, their recipe appears so simple – just salt, garlic and onions. They add the finely chopped onions during the fry and stuff, some inside the gills. If you like crunching on the gills like me, you will definitely love this fish. You may be tempted to chew on the nearly burnt onions or just add the onions in your cooked rice (thank me later).

Depending on your preference, they also add raw onions after the deep fry. The salting is just perfect. The fish is well drained of all the oils and you can enjoy it straight away or use it to make sauce. Either way, it tastes so crunchy and moist at the same time.

With so many clients, you are sure of always finding fresh lake fish. The pricing is also fair starting from Shs 15,000 all the way to Shs 45,000. I have heard some diners say with V Fresh Fish, they don’t have to drive all way to Mulungu beach (Kampala’s fish court) anymore.

There’s just one small weather-beaten bench; so, you are better off pre-ordering and then just coming later for a pick-up.



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