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Aquarius’ bad is really bad but the good is outstanding

With Aquarius Kigo resort, unfortunately, we have to start with the bad. For their astronomical prices, it is amazing to the point of annoyance that bad service has persisted at this otherwise beautiful and well-thought-out place.

Almost everyone I know who has been here has complained of the terrible customer care, some even walked away. How a place so expensive and classy decides to behave so cheap, only the managers and owners know.

The Observer witnessed the terrible service first-hand last weekend. With at least three different dining areas, it is very easy to end up in the wrong restaurant/sitting area where tables have been already reserved. But you won’t know that until you are already there and you will have to take the lift to the rooftop or down to the poolside.

Maybe the waiters assume whoever comes here is one of the many social media fanatics who come for the picturesque moments. It will take ages for the waiters to notice your presence and centuries to bring you the menus.

The prices can easily make your eyes pop. A 350ml soda or 500ml water go for Shs 4,000. Starters start at Shs 20,000. The chips may look all golden glittering, but they are some of the worst – very unbefitting the place and price.

Now the good. The welcoming food aromas are amazing, and so is the interior and exterior decor. It brings you another dining experience world. As the night draws, the glowing lights create an amazing heavenly feel and atmosphere.

The melt-in-your-mouth saucy chicken lollipops will leave a lovely floating taste. Perfectly marinated, perfectly spiced, perfectly cooked.

The pork, it is said, is actually the signature food here – the tastiest. I did not have the chance to taste it, opting for the thick and bready chicken crust veggie pizza. If this was bad, the beef pizza was even worse. Flat taste, a poor outlook with just little sprinkled meat.

For comfortable dining, have in excess of Shs 60,000 for a single diner.


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