Happy Fathers day, folks!

This Sunday is Fathers day; what are you doing for your ‘old man’?

You know, Mothers day tends to take all the hype, just like mothers usually steal the entire parenting show at every function, but there are dads that leave me amazed at how good they are at this parenting thing. They need to be celebrated.

They do it without blowing their trumpets, but even their wives agree: “he knows the children more than I do”.

Yes, there are many men that have completely abandoned their responsibilities, but they should never be allowed to vilify the other fathers that are actually dads to their children and beyond.

I know so many and I wish they would not mind being listed here! I would celebrate them today. And these are not even single dads (oh, those ones rock too); these are happily married men that have just taken the front role when it comes to the children.

They wake up when baby wakes up in the night; they know all the doctors’ appointments and go along; they stay up to do homework after school; one of them even regularly takes his children shopping for clothes and shoes, sitting patiently through the entire process. I salute you gentlemen; not everyone does what you do. I hope someone celebrates you properly this Sunday!

One of these men once travelled to the UK for weeks, and his wife missed an important meeting at school, because their daughter kept the circular ‘safely’ tucked away for daddy; only her father ever attended class and school meetings, so naturally she did not bother informing the mother, to the latter’s chagrin.

I love watching dads play with their children with such abandon; I love seeing a father teach his son how to be a man and his daughter, how to be a woman. So, if yours was one of those hands-on dads – he may be from a different generation but, nonetheless, was always there and loving on you in his own definition of love – please do something special for him on Sunday. Some have gone to be with the Lord; still, honour them.

I believe you at least have a spiritual father – that man that has walked with you down the path of Christianity, taught you to pray, believe, give, stand through storms, etc. Remember him too; it is such a blessing to have one of those!

In fact, my father having died when I was just two, the father figure I have truly felt in my life is my pastor Stephen Mukulu, and that is whom I am honouring this Sunday.

Happy Fathers’ day, y’all!


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