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Tick Flavour ticks all right boxes of fresh foods

White pebbled (they find an excuse to put pebbles everywhere), dependable, reliable and presentable is what can summarily describe Tick Flavour restaurant along Port Bell road in Luzira.

Any time, any day, you will always find something to eat. The target market is clearly the corporate brewers in Luzira.

With more than 10 eating tables excluding the executive wing side, this is quite a busy restaurant. It is also the most decent in an area dotted with kikomando stalls and tree-shade eateries at the dead-end of Lake Victoria.

The service is fast and straightforward - no menu needed unless you insist. The katogo breakfast of rice, Irish potatoes and matooke served either with beef or peas and priced at just Shs 5,000 is the selling point here.

It attracts all and sundry. The ordinary katogo taste perfectly matches the price, but you are guaranteed the freshest foods. The peas and beef are as fresh as the matooke, Irish potatoes and the nakati. If you are among those who still savour  the organic taste of food, this is the place to be.

They may take the longest time in the world to prepare mere black tea, but once served, you will appreciate why it took so long.

It is perfectly spiced with fresh and organic ginger and lemongrass. Chai mukalu has never been so tasty and aromatic. The fact that it is served in portable flasks, it stays perfectly hot until the last cup.

Foodies here may struggle to finish their katogo, but nobody leaves behind their tea. When caught up with time, customers go fetch their own portable flasks from the cars. I saw some even use mineral water bottles to carry away their tea!


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