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‘Ku Mbuzi’ buzz may be gone but the taste remains


The flavourful sweet aromas of roasted goat meat that used to engulf the air on Gayaza road from Kitetikka roasted goat meat market (Ku Mbuzi) are long gone.

Vendors blame the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown with many diners now considering roasted meats an extreme luxury. Most stoves have since gone cold and the few vendors left have to jostle for the few customers.

Pre-Covid, patience was needed for one to place an order and even more patience to get an eating spot. Now times have changed, the vendors will swoop down on clients, hardly giving you any breathing space to make an informed choice.

A kilogram goes for Shs 25,000 and the vendors claim this contains eight large pieces but dare blink and you will instead find only six pieces.

The same happens with the pre-cooked packs that are finely wrapped in silver foil and expertly plated and topped with finely cut fresh carrots and green pepper, which burst into deep versatile fruity sweet flavours.

The meat itself is plain-tasting – just salt seasoning, but it ought to be eaten while still hot; otherwise, it gradually becomes more rubbery and fattier as it

The meat which can be made saucy and spicy on request is accompanied by roasted fresh matooke fingers or cooked cassava, avocado or kachumbali, which helps mask the uninviting dark outlook of the meats.


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