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Newman’s, please keep stones out of the simsim

Perhaps it’s a case of you can’t get everything right. But how could Newman Foods fail to weed out pebbles or whatever irritating particles there are in their sugary simsim pancakes?

Newman is one of the best makers of snacks in Uganda today. Their crunchy potato crisps or chilli masala roasted groundnuts are arguably unrivalled.

But like millet bread, simsim pancakes or balls are very prone and sensitive to any food contaminations (for lack of a better word). It is the worst eating experience to chew on a stone, but Newman’s simsim pancakes seem to have plenty of pebbles in them.

Their roasted groundnuts masala chilli, though, are flawless. Even better if you opt for the tin as it’s aptly armed with a silver seal under the airtight cover to keep the groundnuts fresh.

Roasted groundnuts may seem like such an easy snack to make but they are not. Newman’s groundnuts are perfectly made - well-salted, well-spiced - crackling and crunchy.

Similarly, the potato crisps are soft crunchy, crispy fresh and flavourful with a smooth meltdown. The hard corn also have a crackling soft taste with a corny aftertaste - making them a great snack to accompany your evening tea or African coffee.


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