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Pilau Connection good at rice, big on serve

Pilau Connection in Kyebando makes pilau as it should be; fragrant, aromatic, caramelized, spicy - East African coast style.

The single chicken combo at Shs 21,000 is spruced up with the accompanying one big sweet banana, fresh vegetable salads, bottled water, fresh passion juice, and fresh fruit salad.

Although the prices for the extras are definitely embedded in the final price, given that the juice alone when ordered separately goes for Shs 5,000 and fruit salad goes for Shs 2,000 to 5,000 on the market, it is still a generous lunch offer. You may even be fooled into considering these as complimentary. 

Their packaging, though, generates too much unnecessary plastic waste, as all these are packed separately. Maybe a fit-for-all lunch box could be more befitting of this meal, which is served aplenty. But we can cut Pilau Connection some slack on this, just for their generous portions and tasty food.

Pilau is their specialty, the only meal they deal in and they serve it aplenty. Some diners prefer their chicken pilau to come with chicken pellets or nuggets rather than the single piece, as the single piece usually has a disconnect in taste with the pilau.

But even with their two-piece, there’s a recognized blending and pairing between the two. Theirs are the biggest chicken pieces you will ever find in your restaurant pilau.

It is a chicken drumstick with an extension of a wing. There is the accompanying gravy that tastes bland on its own but is magical when poured on the pilau, which, by the way, can be eaten on its own because it is soothing-soft.  Still, mix it with the avocado and fresh tomato salad, and you will have a sensational complete taste.    



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