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I loved Little Cafe’s breakfast!

Admittedly Shs 12,000 for just breakfast may seem pricey for the average Ugandan, because it is just enough to buy you lunch at most decent restaurants or half the lunch price at an elite restaurant.

But if you are into brunch and are among those few Ugandans who don’t have to first see sauce/soup to consider it a full meal and not just a snack, then The Little Cafe’s breakfast is worth it.

For two beef sausages, two vegetable samosas, two slices of toast bread and an egg – prepared to your taste and coming with a pot of tea/coffee or with a big glass of juice – that is a full-blown meal.

Aptly located at the intersection between Kisaasi and Ntinda, it is a perfect place with a soothing breeze to take off from the annoying traffic jam.

Their golden fried egg with its laced crusty edges appears unique because neither the egg white nor the yolk has been whisked or basted.

It is amazing how the same egg yolk tastes wonderfully different when not whisked - just savoury, buttery and mildly cheesy with the crusty edges rounding off the total smooth taste. The bread is toasted with margarine but you can opt for butter if you prefer and it comes soft, fluffy but with slightly crusty rough edges.

The vegetable samosas are fresh with a variety of veggies. However, they are extremely mean on the salad – with just two tiny slices of fresh tomatoes and two slices of cucumber. The thick juice is also freshly made and served in a really big glass. You may need water to dilute it a bit. 


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