Time for some action horror

Blood Red Sky is an action horror film by Peter Thorwarth that follows a woman with a mysterious illness.

She boards a plane to the United States with her son shortly before it is hijacked by terrorists.

When the terrorists threaten her son, the woman is forced to unleash the monster she’s been struggling to contain. Blood Red Sky has a compelling trailer that looks like it is going one way. But then it suddenly shifts gears. You can watch it on Netflix now.

The third season of the newest iteration of Charmed is also available on Netflix. The third season will be the last for Madeleine Mantock, who plays Macy.

Of the three siblings at the center of the show, Madeleine plays the oldest sister, a witch that can move things with her mind. In the original Charmed, Shannon Doherty, who played the oldest sister, a character that could also move things with her mind, left the show in the third season.


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