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This grilled tilapia is over before it’s over

After begrudgingly ordering for the grilled tilapia from Idros Street Foods in Bunga, I could almost delineate the taste, look, packaging and the accompanying garnishes.

It would just be another routine grill taste, so I thought. My sense of taste and smell only returned last week following recovery from Covid-19.

Although the delivery took slightly longer than anticipated, this disappointment was wiped away by the delivery package. The white pizza-like but finer box with the tamper-proof sticker suddenly whetted my taste buds.

As they say, perception is everything. Who knew fish could be packaged so neatly! You could flip, rotate and toss it around and the juices would still keep inside.

Initially, the lack of the fishy smell became a concern, but that was because inside the box, the fish had been tightly and expertly wrapped in foil with deep-fried plantain and baked Irish potato wedges on one side, juicy-dripping tomato soup blend on top and simmered salad made of the ever-sweet courgettes [zucchini], crunchy garlic, (French) beans and carrots - providing such a lush aromatic delicious taste.

The fresh smell of the baked Irish potatoes was on its own very inviting. Being grilled, the fish was moist flaky with slightly rubbery skin similar to that of deep-fried fish.

The smoky flavours and texture reemphasize the grill if there was any doubt. The marination was top-notch with the seasoning calmly blending in without any offshoots while also balancing off the fishy smell.

Idros Foods claims this Shs 30,000 whole tilapia can serve two diners, but even for a single diner, it gets over before it is over.


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