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Sex Talk: Are you ready for another lockdown?

The presidential address on Covid-19 always sends cold shivers down our spines for different reasons.

On Saturday there was yet another one as Covid-19 cases ticked up and 690 new cases were reportedly recorded in one day. The president was set to address the nation.

The first time he addressed the nation in the Covid-19 era, no case had been reported and he announced a lockdown that stretched for months that none of us can ever forget. And for many marriages, that was also the ultimate meltdown of unions that were found hanging by a thread.

Suffice it to say, when the ‘dreaded’ presidential address was announced last weekend, I saw some people break into a cold sweat at the possibility of another lockdown with their beloved spouses; hehee!

While a lot of the fear accrued from reasons financial, of course, family and spouses were right there at the top of the fear factor list too.

Last year people rudely discovered they had married people they did not know how to hold a conversation with, have a good time with away from the crowd, or even make love with! Yet there they were, at the orders of the president, together day-in, day-out and getting on each other’s last nerves.

Domestic violence sharply shot up, and by the time the president allowed us some breathing space, many marriages were beyond repair. Now here we are, with the word lockdown being thrown around carelessly. I have seen people quake in their boots the last few days.

One single father, who enjoyed parenting to its full limits last year, was ready for this particular lockdown. On Friday he sent the children to their grandmother, locked the house and then moved himself in with his girlfriend – just in case! Huh, the president announced no lockdown. It was quite funny watching them move back into their home on Sunday.

I was never in support of the first lockdown, and don’t think a second one is the best course of action either, but let’s face it: there was no better litmus test for marriages than that lockdown.

Some spouses came out of it stronger and with all kinds of stories about the new, pink, sequined elephants they discovered in their bedrooms but, sadly, others had front-row seats to their unravelling marriages.

A low-libido wife memorably complained that she had run out of excuses for not making love with her husband as often as he wanted, now that he was home 24/7.

Elsewhere, wives whose husbands had mistresses in the shadows were gloating with glee, wondering what the concubines were up to, now that Museveni had locked their sugar daddies away.

In case your marriage survived the last lockdown, how prepared are you for a possible second one?

Have you worked on the communication skills since? What have you done about your floundering libido? What if the president announced another lockdown – would you comfortably navigate it on the marital front? Some marriages came out of the last one stronger, others are still trying to find their footing…

A husband who moved out of his marital home during the last lockdown when it became a ‘full full condition’ on the home front, only moved back in a couple of months ago to try and work things out with his wife.

I wonder what is going through his head now as the dreaded L-word gets tossed around again!


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