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Chloe Zhao directing for MCU? Exciting!

When Eternals debuts on November 5, it will become the 26th installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I know this movie was directed by Chloe Zhao, who won the Oscar for Best Director in 2021. The MCU has an Oscar Winner under its umbrella. If Eternals is as good as Disney thinks it is, Chloe’s involvement may lend the MCU some credibility among film snobs. Though, most MCU fans don’t care about that sort of recognition.

The movie may struggle to attain the financial success of its predecessors because China has turned against Chloe because of comments she made about her home country years ago.

Word has it that China may block the release of Eternals in its cinemas as a result, preventing the movie from raking in the millions of dollars MCU films normally make in China. But unless you live in China, you shouldn’t care.

While Chloe Zhao sounds like an odd choice to direct a Marvel movie, she is a fan of the MCU, comics, and fantasy in general.

She was reportedly in the running to direct Black Widow, but according to Variety, she took herself off the list of candidates. She eventually worked alongside a Marvel executive to craft a pitch for Eternals that blew Kevin Feige’s socks off.

She prefers the use of practical locations over the VFX backgrounds found in most Marvel movies. Marvel gave the director free rein to shape Eternals as she saw fit, and it shows. The teaser we got a few days ago does not show us nearly enough to warrant a discussion.

I chose to mention it today because I don’t understand the criticisms the teaser has attracted thus far. The number of people that have dismissed it as lackluster and dull is astounding.

I don’t get it. Did we watch the same trailer? The one I saw was electrifying. I know, I know, considering how little it told us, that probably sounds like an exaggeration but it is not.

People are always attacking Marvel movies for their aesthetic. Supposedly, they all look the same. That is true. The MCU has a specific tone. However, that is not a bad thing.

These movies are supposed to exist in the same universe. Of course, they look the same. It is a dumb complaint. It is no different from criticizing a show like Breaking Bad for looking the same in every episode.

These movies cannot co-exist unless they have matching DNA. But even if the complaint was valid, guess what? Eternals just broke the mold. The teaser won me over because it looks so different from every Marvel movie we have seen thus far.

And I think Chloe Zhao is the reason. A few weeks ago, I could not have cared less about Eternals. Now, it is my most anticipated movie of the year.


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