Now an alternative to CJ’s pricey juice

Perhaps it is a business case of creating everything for everybody and seeing the opportunity to milk every available coin from the customers.

Food Hub was created for those who could not afford the upscale Cafe Javas and now after lingering complaints about the rather expensive juices of Shs 15,000 a glass at Cafe Javas, businessman Omar Mandela has come up with ‘Fresh & Fit’ fresh juices packed in 350ml plastic bottles sold at the adjacent Savers mini markets.

The juices that have a 24-hour expiry date must be consumed within a day, coming in flavours of sugarcane and ginger, mango, pineapple and chia seeds, cocktail and passion. Each bottle is sold at Shs 3,500. 

In comparison with the juices at Cafe Javas, the Fresh & Fit juices are less sweetened, with a fairer balance; the pineapple and passion juice stands out of the lot, while the sugarcane has a slight medicinal bitter taste, look and smell. 

The chia seeds obviously add a dense chewable crunchy sprout and glowing savoury to the pineapple, while the passion juice has the authentic ‘Masaka passion fruit’ flavour. If you know, you know.

The mango has the apple-mango flavouring and taste, while the cocktail - a mixture of just about every Ugandan fruit – is worth a try too. They may not be the most outstanding juices, but they are at least fresh and best served chilled.          


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