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Of Hoima’s plain katogo 

In the Hoima oil city, money is evidently flowing as seen by the mushrooming hotels and restaurants.

English, Luganda and Lusoga-speaking waiters have been imported, and menus have also been adopted from the rest of the country, including the famous katogo for breakfast. 

Strangely, bread, which is nearly a standard breakfast item elsewhere, is rare in this town and generally breakfast in Hoima does not come cheap.

A decent plate of plain katogo starts from Shs 5,000 to Shs 7,000. The katogo here is matooke fingers cooked in loose tomato soup. If you opt for the ‘peas katogo, you will be lucky to count more than 10 peas therein. 

If you look foreign enough, a fried egg will be added at no extra cost while the locals are given a teaspoonful of spaghetti. 

The reasons for the ‘discriminatory’ menu are not clear. The taste of the katogo is neither great nor bad, but you are better off having it while still steaming hot.

If you thought the katogo was expensive, black tea goes for Shs 4,000 served strictly with one teabag and goat milk at Shs 6,000. 


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