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Addmaya at 12: Reflections on redefining filming business in Uganda

Addmaya designers at work

Addmaya designers at work

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to ravage and affect businesses across the globe, companies have been forced to rethink models and restrategize to stay afloat. But with plight came an opportunity at just how incredible technology can advance almost everything even more so for the creative industry. 

As they mark 12 years, at the helm of creating numerous documentaries and commercials, Addmaya doesn’t come short of being a remarkable success story in the creative business. The creative agency which focuses on film, TV and design with a speciality in brand identity, promos, commercials, documentaries and graphics design is marking 12 years of doing business in Uganda and is now aiming higher even amidst the pandemic.

Addmaya is at the forefront of harnessing the full potential that technological advancement offers - with what used to take days to execute years ago, now being done in a split of a second. Peter Mukiibi the creative director at Addmaya believes that the industry is still young and possesses mmense potential especially if the government chips in with support. 

“It’s so sad that we don’t have incentives and this has made us lag so far behind from our neighbours, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Our big entertainment stars can’t match the ones in our neighbouring countries and not because we aren’t as talented but rather the government hasn’t really seen the potential the industry has especially in relation to tourism. We have cinemas here with a dedicated screen for Bollywood movies, cinemas are sometimes struggling to market Hollywood movies and yet there’s a whole local audience to tap into if we can support them to make their own stories,” said Mukiibi. 

Addmaya has been the brain behind campaigns that have disrupted the advertising scene in Uganda and boasts of incredible works with; Food Hub, ACIA, Stanbic National Schools Championship, NSSF to mention but a few. Through its works, Addmaya believes that they’re always on the path to bridging the current gap in the country by inspiring business owners to invent and seek new solutions to their challenges and those of their consumers.

“For many businesses in Uganda, delivering high-quality products in world-class packaging to the final consumer remains a big challenge and yet a number of solutions exist among us. Our first innovation series event had all the current challenges in this space by providing practical solutions to business owners and managers,” said Arthur Nakkaka the art director at Addmaya.

Susan Wegoye, the director of legal affairs, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) says she looks forward to when the creative industry will re-open officially following a sudden halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I commend our Ugandan film actors, producers and directors for the continued creative and innovative input towards building a robust film industry. Uganda Communications Commission is mandated to promote sustainable growth and through the technology, we have been able to promote the immense talent that sits in our country while ensuring to facilitate a conducive operating environment for our film industry,” she said during the launch of the 8th edition Uganda Film Festival.

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