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Island Bites offers Caribbean dining experience 

When the male voice at the other end of the phone line insisted that Island Bites is a delivery-only restaurant, my interest immediately switched to the food packaging rather than the meal itself. 

Their menu items ranging from goat curry, glazed fish to jerk chicken offer a unique Caribbean dining experience and, as anticipated, the packaging did not disappoint.

Even more impressively, it was eco-friendly, except for the plastic cutlery and coleslaw containers.  The three-compartment bio-degradable foam lock-in lunch box is compact enough to keep tight the smoky juicy Jamaican chicken jerky sauce from dripping out even when tilted.

Given the amounts served, it may not be the most ideal meal for a heavy eater, but a Shs 20,000 snack that will give you an unusual treat. 

The slowly baked chicken is heavily glazed with sweet and spicy thick sauce. The sweetness hits the taste buds first, before the spicy effect follows. Just like the peeling skin, the nearly crunchy sinewy meat also effortlessly peels off the strong chicken bones (non-chewable).

You will have to get your hands dirty in every sense of the word to enjoy this one. The deep-fried plantain (gonja) pairing is just perfect.

An extra unnecessary tin of sauce is served alongside just in case you need more. It is certainly the once-in-a-month kind of meal from the usual.  


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