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Exceed Catering breathes life into Panamera

The dusty back-bar Heineken coolers and rusting chains holding the suspended speakers are indicative of a once vibrant and buzzing bar and eatery.

Despite its numerous past controversies, from a murdered employee to army generals clashing during a failed eviction, Panamera still attracted a loyal and sizeable clientele. 

But like all bars, it has not been spared the coronavirus lockdown blues. Not that they don’t serve beers anymore, but the place is now too sleepy. However, the mouthwatering aromas from the two kitchens serving both local food and fast foods, as well as the artificial turf football pitch are now the main attraction.

The weather-beaten menu from Exceed Catering may give a wrong impression but the food served here is well-presented and tasty.

Even if your intention was not to eat, you will definitely be attracted by the searing aromas, the plating and garnish. The six wet-fry chicken wings served with deep-fried salted potato wedges did not match the accompanying pan-fried onions, carrots and green pepper that were further spruced up with tiny coriander stalks.   

The wings were not as crispy as they should be but you had to be overly critical and a food reviewer to notice this. Even at Shs 26,000 it was value for money.  


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