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Kabuusu loses unique mpuuta dining experience 

As Kabuusu becomes busier, the uncoordinated development has gradually killed the authentic deep-fried mpuuta (Nile perch) roadside dining experience the stretch in Lubaga previously had.

It had even become an attraction to foreign tourists residing in nearby hotels such as Pope Paul VI Memorial hotel. But now, the place is filthy, dusty, untidy; little wonder that the number of customers has also significantly dwindled, and the few who still come are better off staying inside their cars as there is hardly anywhere to sit. 

Except for a little salting, the mpuuta is deep-fried without any other seasoning and is ready in 10 to 15 minutes. You may lose or gain a piece or two on your order, since the same pan is used to fry for the different clients.

Boiled cassava, chips, kachumbali (fresh tomatoes and onions) or avocado attract extra fees starting from Shs 1,000, whereas a kilogram of mpuuta costs Shs 16,000. 

Since there isn’t any seasoning, you get the pure and raw taste with a crispy golden exterior and flaky interior of fish. As with most fish these days, this too now lacks the fishy fragrance. 


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