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Yes, you can go fish at Chicken Tonight

Chicken Tonight, one of Wandegeya’s pioneer fast food eateries, is still popular, especially with youthful couples. And yes, they serve more than just chicken.

Deep-fried fish served with chips costs in excess of Shs 30,000 – served between 10 and 15 minutes. The seasoning did not really penetrate the fresh fish and though it was perfectly cooked and well-drained of oils, it lacked the fishiness in taste and smell.

What is fish without the inviting fishy flavour? And just like the significant difference in taste between free-range chicken and cooped chicken, farmed fish always lacks that briny versatility associated with lake fish. 

From the restaurant’s standpoint, farmed fish guarantees constant supply and required sizes. Farmed fish are also considered to be free of mercury and metal that might endanger diners’ health.

Although this one was crispy enough, it was still very small and bland in taste and the flesh seemingly filled with water.  Maybe it was just not desiccated well enough. 

The chips had Chicken Tonight’s seasoning signature written all over them, while the onions, green peppers and cabbages were slightly fried and well salted. The carrots and tomatoes were served raw.


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