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Joker to feature in Snyder Cut

Zack Snyder’s Justice League. His involvement in the project makes little sense. Even more perplexing is the fact that the news comes on the heels of a curious comment David Ayer made a few days ago.

After moping around for years because of the abysmal quality of Suicide Squad, the director finally re-watched his original cut of the movie and, apparently, it is amazing. Why is this odd?

Because after years of debate, the Snyder Cut is coming back. And while the hullabaloo surrounding Ayer’s cut of the Suicide Squad was not quite as loud, we know that some people have been clamouring to see it.

If you don’t follow entertainment news, it might surprise you to learn that Ayer did not approve of the theatrical version of Suicide Squad. Even though he directed the movie, Warner Bros eventually sidelined him during the post-production stage. They hired a third party to edit his footage, producing the bland mess we saw in theaters.

Ayer’s fans have not been quite as passionate in their demand for the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad, not when you compare them to fans of the Snyder Cut. This is because Snyder’s fans have a stronger case.

The movie that Zack Snyder directed never saw the light of day. Roughly 70 percent of Justice League 2017 was new footage. We know that Snyder’s version of Justice League is an entirely different movie. The same cannot be said for Ayer’s Suicide Squad.

He continues to argue that the best components of his story were left on the cutting room floor. But no one expects Ayer’s cut to drastically change what we saw in Suicide Squad 2016.

That is just speculation at the moment. However, we could see definitive proof of Ayer’s claims in the near future. If the Snyder Cut debuts without a hitch and it actually meets and even exceeds expectations, Warner Bros will probably give Ayer the green light to finish his cut. Like most studios, Warner Bros needs to boost the popularity of its streaming platform.

That means creating content that will captivate the masses. However, the studio is limited in what it can make at the moment because of the pandemic. It is so much easier to edit pre-existing footage to recreate a critically panned film in the hopes of attracting all the curious moviegoers.

This would explain the decision to add Leto’s Joker to the Snyder Cut. Warner Bros is probably trying to gauge the public’s interest in the character. Leto’s Joker was dismissed as a failure by both fans and critics.

But Leto has vehemently defended his interpretation of the character, arguing that his best moments were edited out of the theatrical version of Suicide Squad 2016. With the Snyder Cut, the actor has an opportunity to redeem himself; to prove to naysayers that his Joker is far more revolutionary than they realize.

His success will probably compel Warner Bros to give Ayer’s Cut a shot. And once that happens…well, no one knows what any of these developments mean.

The studio has spent the last three years divorcing itself from Snyder’s vision of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). By releasing the Snyder Cut and adding Ben Affleck’s Batman to the upcoming Flash movie, they are either returning to the original DCEU blueprint or pursuing two different visions at the same time. 


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