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Chicken Xpress promises so much for so little

From the number of family clients, it is clearly a popular restaurant especially with the children in Naalya neighbourhood.

Their own KFC. It is well set up, with a drive-through for a quick pickup, enough parking space and an enticing display digital menu board with an array of dining options.

Service is extremely quick as you get served within a minute. With all these, a diner is tempted to expect so much from Chicken Xpress. The tiny chicken pieces are almost an eyesore with no optical appeal.

At least the chicken skin seasoning is great especially if you opt for the chilli version. But that is where all the great promise ends. Deep into the chicken pieces, an ordinary taste strikes.

You can tell that they are trying to pull off a unique recipe that unfortunately is yet to hit the right notes. The accompanying chips are way too dry and too flat in taste - just a cleaner version of the ordinary roadside ‘kikalayi’ chips.

Regular diners say they have actually tremendously improved from the time when they started out. For a small pack of chips, three chicken pieces and a soda, you part with Shs 18,000.

If the chicken was disappointing, then the Shs 10,000 chocolate milkshake did not offer any reprieve either. The chocolate appeared to have awkwardly found itself in a plastic cup of milk and they shared no binding relationship whatsoever.


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