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Three is a crowd: No end in sight for this entanglement

David and Diane have been married for years; then there is Julie, the young secretary whose axis collides with the couple’s in ways none of them saw coming.


When I arrived at the flat, I walked in without knocking, glad the door was not locked yet; so, I did not have to waste time using my key. Julie was lounging on the couch in a T-shirt, watching TV, but she shot up, startled.

“David! What are you doing here?” she gasped in surprise.

Throughout the drive over, my mind had flitted back and forth between rage at Diane and the desire to feel like a man again by taking a woman who submitted to me as her head.

Now with Julie in front of me in nothing more than a T-shirt, her face and skin fresh like she had just come out of the shower, my desire went into overdrive, and I did not have the patience to go into the reasons for my sudden arrival.

“I want you,” I simply stated instead.          

A slow smile spread across her face as she got up from the couch and sauntered to the front door, locked it, then turned back to me.

“Take me then,” she answered, a mixture of invitation and challenge in her tone.

No further questions asked, no objections raised; I had told her what I wanted, and she was going to give it to me. This was why I came here, and this was why I knew I would always return.


I was livid as I stormed away from David and up to our room, but even more livid when I heard the front door slam, and his car engine start up a few seconds later.

How dare he bring up my dressing in such a disparaging manner in front of the children! What was he trying to prove? To top it off, after insulting me in that way, he had stormed off. He had better not have gone running to that whore, because if I found out that is where he had gone, I would show him that two could play that game.

Of course it would be helpful if Mark were a more willing player, for I was growing weary of being the one chasing after him. The whole point of seducing him in the first place, had been to rebuild my self-esteem, by proving to myself that other men found me attractive too, and that all married men cheated, but if I was chasing after a reluctant partner, this whole quest was having the complete opposite effect, and my self-esteem was only being crushed further.

Part of me felt like I should leave it alone, that I was better than this, but at the same time, if I did not get Mark, I would have failed and would have to admit to myself that there were clearly some men who could stay loyal to their wives, and my husband was just not one of them.


Feeling blue about the official end of my time at the agency, as well as how badly my visit to my mother had gone, David’s sudden appearance at the flat could not have come at a better time.

From his demeanor, I could tell he had had a fight with Diane, and I knew that was probably the only reason he had come, but I did not care; it did not matter why he had come, just that he was here.

I had missed him desperately, and his cold aloofness ever since I told him I was pregnant had stung, but now that he was here, wanting me again, all that was forgotten.

Even though he had hurt me deeply, when he told me he wanted me, I gave myself to him without any hesitation. He had clearly worked up his desire on his way over, as once I gave him the green light, he was all over me in a flash, impatiently tugging off my T-shirt and his jeans, almost simultaneously.

Since I had not been expecting him, my body was not quite as ready as his was, and though I asked him to slow down, either he did not hear me, or simply ignored me. He was hurting me, but I did not stop him; he had left his home to come to me, so bruised or not, I would not say no to him.

It was over before it had even really started – at least for me – and after a few seconds to catch his breath, David got up, picked up his clothes off the floor, and headed for the bathroom. I heard him run the shower, but he was only gone for a couple of minutes, before he returned.

“I’ve got to go,” he announced, buttoning his shirt.

I strained to hear a note of regret in his tone, but there was none; it was a simple stating of facts – he had gotten what he came for, and now he was leaving.

I wanted to ask when I would see him again, but I did not. Having just gotten him back, I did not want to scare him off again; so, instead I smiled coyly: “It was good seeing you. Take care of yourself.”

“Thanks. Take care too – and thanks for tonight, it was great,” he added almost shyly.                                                       

“Yes, it was,” I lied, then got up to follow him to the front door and lock it behind him as he left.



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I wonder how you get everyone's (man / woman's) feelings quite right for each moment...... waiting for next
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