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Archer is back and out of coma

Archer returns today (September 16) on Hulu for an eight-episode 11th Season. The season was supposed to premiere on May 6, but delays related to Covid-19 led to a postponement.

Archer is an animated sitcom that debuted in 2009. Following the exploits of a New York-based Intelligence Agency, the show was an immediate hit, attracting praise for its dysfunctional characters and politically incorrect humour.

Archer took an interesting turn in the seventh season when its titular character slipped into a coma. The eighth, ninth and 10th seasons fascinated audiences because they took place in Archer’s sub-conscience.

The showrunners used the opportunity to transform the entire show, re-imagining the protagonists as characters from a noir film, stranding them on an island, and eventually sending them into space.

In season 11, Archer has finally woken up from his coma. After three years of crazy dreams, he must come to terms with a world he does not wholly recognize. Season 11 will revert to the show’s original settings. 


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