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Of Fish Pond’s unique akabero

If you like fish, then the Fish Pond Lounge in Mukono off Kawuga road should be on your bucket list.

Don’t let the ‘pond’ in the name fool you, though. There’s not a single fish on site and don’t expect to find a giant aquarium either. The ‘pond’ in the name is similar to ‘basket’ in food basket to mean variety rather than basket-loads of food.

The fish, especially tilapia and Nile perch, are aplenty and the diner chooses how they want their meal prepared. From steamed, grilled, deep fried to boiled, the Fish Pond’s menu is rich. They even have akabero.

Ekibero, I previously heard, is a popular landing sites’ unique meal of different fish species cooked together in the same pan. 

Since this is ‘aka’-bero and not ‘eki’-bero, their akabero is tilapia stewed with matoke and other vegetables served with thick and tasty stew. The tilapia is first deep-fried before it is stewed with the matoke, carrots and green pepper. Even at the starting price of Shs 25,000, I can guarantee that it is one of the best fishmeals you can ever have.

The day The Observer visited on a Sunday, the Fish Pond Lounge was busy with family outing orders and takeaway pick-ups. Without a pre-order, you may have to wait more than 40 minutes for your à la carte meal. For those too bored, the kitchen has a watching stand to keep an eye on your fish as the chefs go about their jobs.


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