Gonzaga’s roasted pork is pure magic

No wonder, Gonzaga Munnamasaka pork joint is thronged by both locals and Kampalans on their way back from upcountry journeys. 

The extremely popular joint is based in Bulenga along the Mityana-Kampala road, but not even a recent increase to Shs 10,000 per skewer of roasted pork or luwombo pork (steam-boiled in banana leaves) has affected their sales. 

The extras of avocado, kachumbali and cassava chips are sold separately starting at Shs 2,000. When Ugandans recommend an already established joint like Gonzaga as one of the best, believe them. Pork eaters are usually never wrong. 

Despite being a typical kafunda set-up, at Gonzaga there is not that rich smoky and savoury aroma of roasted pork that usually engulfs the neighbourhood.

Here, be ready to share the table with complete strangers as they are only a few available and the patio parasols may not be able to protect you from the scorching evening sunset. You also have to have extreme patience, especially if you did not pre-order before walking in.

But all these ‘discomforts’ become negligible once you dig into the platter. The pieces are really big, tender with a pure, natural and organic pork taste - no standout spicing. If any, then the spices are fully ingrained.          


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