Classic Diner’s strange avocado-milk smoothie 

Classic Diner restaurant considers their avocado, milk and honey combo a juice cocktail rather than a smoothie. 

But it is certainly a smoothie that has been stretched a little bit too far - perhaps. This seemingly odd food pairing is invitingly appealing to the eye with a natural creamy and buttery tone and texture that glides down the throat like a floating balloon.

But the astringent aftertaste flavouring inadvertently waters down the initial enthusiasm and it was a struggle to finish off the glass. It is obviously a nutritious smoothie and my skepticism may be down to individual taste.

Not that your taste buds will pick out the milk therein as it has been well and truly absorbed but you certainly won’t miss the stinky dry smell of the honey - not an outstanding smell, but noticeable. A glass goes for just Shs 13,000.

Classic Diner is located in Kansanga near Galaxy FM along Ggaba road and is one of the city’s restaurants with the relaxed ambience atmosphere even amidst the current coronavirus disease pandemic.  It is classic for wet and dry goat meat roasts.     

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