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Sex Talk: Yay! It is pineapple season!

Ladies and gentlemen, the pineapple season is here. Wink-wink!

If you know, you know. I’ve seen farmers selling five pineapples for Shs 2,000. These fruits love women. Go make yourself a fruit salad, go blend some pineapple juice, just eat fresh pineapple. If you have stomach ulcers, sorry; you will miss the fun.

This fruit just makes everything smell natural and fresh – not like tropical fruit, don’t worry. It is probably only rivalled by apples, which are said to even improve the quality of sex and lubrication. But so do pineapples. If you want a ‘uterus cleanse’, this is your fruit.

Call it urban legend, say it is scientifically unproven, but truth is - going by many women’s testimonies - pineapple does improve the smell and taste of ‘us’. 

Now, of course the vagina’s natural odour is just fine the way it is, unless there’s an underlying infection or a pH imbalance caused by applying artificial deodorants, soaps, etc. 

Still, who would not want to up their confidence and game naturally, given a chance? Women understand that a vagina has its natural odour that is NOT unpleasant, yet it remains a big source of discomfort and self-doubt for many and the reason why some feel they need to spray their genitals with perfumes, wash them with soap and all sorts of intimate products. Those only ruin the pH balance. Read up on this.

Just eat pineapple or citrus fruits, instead. One of the reasons why many wives have never experienced a single orgasm in all the years they have made love with their husbands, is the failure to feel comfortable in their own skins. No one boasts and shows off what they don’t believe is pretty or sexy.

But those who have a deep sense of self-awareness know their ‘power’ in the sex department and are not afraid to even use it for leverage in marriage instead of asking what the fuss is about sex.

Now, I’ve not read from any journal about study findings to support pineapples, but hey, doesn’t science tell us we are what we eat? 

Everything has been tested and proved by the body itself; if the beer you take reeks in your urine, that smell shall surely also turn up in the neighbourhood too...duh!

Have you noticed how things smell unnatural when you decide to go on a junk food feast? Or when you eat fish?

One Ganda culture enthusiast once told me the reason fish is never on a cultural wedding menu is not for fear of the newlyweds choking on bones; it is just not considered a very sexy dish for the wedding night – Omega3 or not!

Back to pineapple. If you love your fish, may your dessert be pineapple then. For men, I read somewhere that their digestive system does not immediately work quite in tandem with the reproductive system as it does with women.

That men need to adhere to the dietary changes for a little longer, before they see results in output. But nutritionists say pineapples are rich in manganese, a vital ingredient for men’s sexual health, according to healthline.com. And that it is a libido lifter by promoting happy hormones, giving a burst of energy and confidence. 

Well, pineapple season is here. With the fruit’s abundance of Vitamin C, Vitamin B and fibre, thank me later.


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