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Crunch and Munch chicken lollipops temptingly tasty 

If Crunch and Munch, a delivery-only restaurant in Mutungo, did not have a signature dish already, then their chicken lollipops should be it. 

The extremely aromatic lollipops though not crispy as many a diner would love their ‘junk’ chicken, they are textually and temptingly crunchy, and sweetly munchy. 

They are aptly named lollipops because they look like lollipops in shape and have a sweet saucy taste like lollipops. They have a slightly peachy, lemon and garlic flavour following a batter dip. 

They are too big - making it hard to believe that they are made from chicken wings. One of the diners I shared the lollipops with even wondered why the ‘pasted’ chicken was not falling off. He thought the chicken had just been plastered onto the bone. 

For Shs 30,000 and a delivery fee of about Shs 7,000, Crunch and Munch serve you 12 chicken lollipops. Crunch and Munch is extremely busy that if you order in the afternoon, chances are high that your order might come the next day; so, you are better off ordering in the morning. 

These chicken lollipops, in particular, need a minimum of an hour to be marinated. The longer they marinate, the better, but with the current 7pm curfew, many restaurants now stop taking delivery orders as early as 2 pm especially for clients farther away.      


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