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Bobi Wine finally gets his concert

Bobi Wine performs from his home in Magere

Bobi Wine performs from his home in Magere

Forget the trending battles for weekend dance party supremacy every Friday and Saturday as Ugandans dance in their living rooms thanks to broadcasters’ innovation to bring the nightclub to their viewers currently under lockdown.

On Sunday, May 10, the trending hashtag was #BobiWineOnlineShow, which at its peak had almost 30,000 people watching live on Facebook as Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine performed. This has been the biggest audience for an online concert in Uganda so far.

Staged in his Gayaza-Magere gardens with his colourfully lit up house offering the only backdrop, the People Power pressure group leader finally had his long-awaited concert. The only difference was that there were no ticket sales and no live crowd, but the self-proclaimed Ghetto president went to bed a satisfied artiste.

“Thank you very much for the love, ladies and gentlemen. Your online attendance was amazing (naye olulala mujja kusasula). We apologise for the glitches in our Internet but we promise you an uninterrupted version of the show on my YouTube channel by tomorrow,” Kyagulanyi told his more than 600,000 followers on Twitter.

Bobi Wine staged the concert from his home in Magere

Backed by Solid band and Nubian Li, with Sir Dan Magic doing audio production and Myko Ouma bringing his guitar skills, many agree that this has been the best online concert Uganda has witnessed during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The concert dubbed ‘Quarantine Special: Ensasagge Mu Nyumba’ featured the artiste-cum-politician’s songs in reggae, afrobeat, kadongokamu and raga, and even had time to pay tribute to fallen legends Mowzey Radio, Paul Job Kafeero and Philly Bongoley Lutaaya.

Wearing an all-black outfit only accentuated by red suspenders and matching bowtie, Bobi Wine left his fans on an adrenalin high as he sang Superwoman – a timely tribute to Mother’s Day, Bus Dunia – a tribute to Kafeero, Born in Africa (for Lutaaya), as well as his own including Mazzi Mawanvu, Size Yo, Singa, Abalungi Balumya, Sisimuka, Aidah, Ndi Munayuganda, Byekwaso and Carolina, whose traditional instruments and aesthetics made it one of the night’s favourites.

Of course the show that started at 9pm and lasted two hours would be incomplete had Bobi Wine not performed his more controversial hits including Kyarenga, and Kasukaali Keeko, as well as his several edutainment songs.

It was also the MP’s first show in more than two years; all his previous attempts to launch songs or stage a live concert have been controversially shut down by police, which could have explained the huge attention he received online when technology and a nationwide lockdown came to the rescue.

Some commenters even asked for a mobile money number to pay for the show, while others said the online show had even surpassed his live shows in organisation, production and class.

Jenifa Ochwo later tweeted: “Wow. What a show... I’d never attended a @HEBobiwine concert nor listened to him perform live bulungi. We should have paid. 

Lights [check], sound [check], band [check], performance [check].”

Mark Keith Muhumuza a social media influencer tweeted: “Well done @HEBobiwine. Acoustics – clear. Lighting – clear. Music – clear. Everything – clear.”

Patrick Kanyomozi, the Uganda Sports Press Association president, tweeted about the show also watched by President Museveni’s publicist Don Wanyama: “Not the climax it deserved but that doesn’t take away the fact that it was a great show. Thank you @HEBobiwine and @NubianBukenAli for the extraordinary performance...”

Kanyomozi was possibly referring to the unsteady Internet towards the end, a problem other artistes streaming online have experienced too.

Artiste Bruno K wondered why no corporate companies advertised or sponsored the show, despite its big turnout. These online shows have become musicians’ lifeline during this pandemic and have great potential of changing the way future concerts and album launches are handled.

Other artistes including Jose Chameleone, Kenneth Mugabi and the Swangz Avenue stable have performed online during this lockdown, but Bobi Wine’s Sunday serving raised the bar due to his international fame and political undertones.




+2 #1 Juwait kali 2020-05-16 23:09
Hmmmm Uganda, Uganda. I was suprised to see Ugandans watch Museveni swear in 1985 in an army Uniform. No body raised a finger but clearly learned men at that time should have questioned!!!

And now we see an opposition leader only allowed to perform on line???
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0 #2 Akot 2020-05-17 18:15
Bobi Wine you are 38, grew up under Museveni who has ruled for +34 years!

Bobi Wine MUST sing Ugandans, including tribal leaders, to UNITY & become that just ONE National Leader needed for second Independence.

Bobi Wine, UNITY is the only weapon need so that Museveni has no chance in continuing using Ugandans against one another!

Is there any reason Ugandans still want/prefer migrant Museveni who will rule for yet +30 years?

Bobi Wine, you MUST sing Ugandans to UNITY & time is running out as it's Ugandans handing over their land/heritage to rwandese!

European artists have been using their people to UNITY to fight covid-19 day & night through the same method you, Bobi Wine is using now!...
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0 #3 Akot 2020-05-17 18:20
...Bobi Wine, you MUST not rerun to be mp & continue legitimizing Museveni's inhuman dictatorship through the fake parliament, but you MUST sing Ugandans to UNITY NOW, to get back the country!

Bobi Wine, why is it you, a Ugandan from a tribal land, who has no right to walk on streets, visit tribal lands, talk to Ugandans?

Bobi Wine, you MUST sing Ugandans to UNITY, then when migrant Museveni is out, you will have to lead
Ugandans & help put in place the kind of governance they want, without arms!

Ugandans surely now know that maintaining the tribalistic system means they are alone with Museveni, but Bobi Wine, you can give chance by calling tribal leaders to stand down & to UNITY, so that Ugandans get help from outside, when needed!

UNITY UNITY UNITY...is all Ugandans need!
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